Like most of you, I have more quilt patterns and quilting books than I can fit on my shelves.  Would anyone be interested in a Quilt Book/Pattern Lending Library or exchange?  I'm not sure how it would work out yet, but I'd be happy to organize it.  People who wanted to be involved could post to a group the titles they are willing to share and titles they are looking to borrow. If enough people are interested, we'll work out the details.


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Lori, certainly something to think about.  Our quilting group has their library online with Library Thing.  

what is Library Thing, vickie?

I to have a ton of books and mags, it's got to the point where some just have to go. I wish everyone was close to check them out and take them off my hands. Some of these books were big bucks, but I  can only make so many quilts and a lot of them are my own patterns or ideas.  I love looking through and getting ideas from these books but I would rather have the space for--you know? FABRIC.   LOL

Thanks for the invite, but lm going to decline. lt's too tricky sending over the border, and l'm only "near" my big library for 8 mo.

lori, i will have to decline also. it's too much of a hassle to get to post office. my mail delivered to post office too many miles away to be convenient. rural boxes get pink slips instead of packages delivered, necessitating a drive into town to pick up or deliver. but thanks for the invite. would be fun!

Rogue, it is an online library.  Our group has our books online for members to look at from home.  Our group meets once a week and that way you can look books without having to be there to look through the books.

Wow, never heard of that. All my books are "real", and many no longer available. My favourite store w/in Tx. is the "Half price " book store in Corpus Christie.They sell all new ones ( some no longer in print) 1/2 off, as well as a great selection of previously enjoyed mags. l tend to write crib notes right in my own books...

nearly all mine are no longer available. have not had good luck loaning books. and i don't want to risk my out-of-print books to the mail or forgetfullness. i buy discount books from a out-of-print/discontinued book retailer at small % of original price - i.e ... 4.95$ for 25 or 30$ book. sometimes i spend more...but never more than 6 or 7$ per book.


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