Hi everyone!  I just joined this site, but I've been quilting about a year now.  With the help of my mother-in-law (who did all the quilting) my first quilt is finished.  I posted it to my blog yesterday, so you can take a look at it here.

I'm also working on piecing 3 other quilts right now and would love any thought you have about what I could do to improve my designs or process.

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Welcome!!!  I am sure you will get a lot from this site.  Hope you enjoy!!!

   hi andrea,

you will love this sight.there are so many talented people here that is awe inspiring.

couple things you can do to improve things if you are not already doing this is to insure that you are pressing the fabric well, cutting acurately, pin pin pin ... even if you don't feel like it pin anyway. that's what pins are for, to keep things acurate.  be sure to square everything off, whatever stitch width you take on the first peices you sew together.... use that exact one for the rest of that particular quilt. ( i put painters tape on my measure) and also use good thread. now is not the time to use cheaper thread, good quality thread will save you a bundle in headaches and lastly change your needle after each top or as needed. those sound like simple things but your designs will be crisp and straight. most of it will come with time .........everything will just click into place after a while. hope that hepls and welcome aboard!!


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