I've been quilting for about two years and I'm addicted! I think about quilting all the time. Unfortunately I don't get as much time to play as I'd like, but I really enjoy getting lost in a fabric store and losing track of time sewing little pieces of pretty together to make something useful and attractive.


I live in Missouri and take care of my 80 year old mother in law along with my two youngest, twin 11 year old boys (we also have three older girls). I'm currently a member of a Marti Michell quilt club and I'm learning to love templates.


Right now I'm in the mood for bright springy and sherbet colored fabrics. Guess I'm tired of winter. I'm glad to find this site and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning new things.



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Hi Susan,

It's an assumption of all quilters that we never have enough time to quilt. Like you, fabric stores are my favorite places to go. My favorite store's owner likes to remind us that a fabric store is not a museum to go and look at all the pretty things...and that buying is fun. And I do buy.


I live in Massachusetts with my 14 year old son. My father and mother moved in with us 8 years ago. My Mom died three and a half years ago, which brought me to quilting to have an outlet for my grief. I haven't looked back.


Right now I am finishing one project that is a strip quilt with some applique. I have Dresdens sewn together for my next project. Then I have three or four UFOs that need to get done between two baby quilts I need before summer. So as you can see, working full time sure does get in the way of sewing.


of the guild "Sew what?"

I feel your pain. I think about quilting all the time too, unfortunately I can't always get motivated to work even when I have the time. I always have one quilt in my floor frame (I'm a hand quilter), one in a hoop. and multiple piecing projects in the works. I have multiple finished tops to quilt and keep making more. and am always shopping for more fabric. I guess you could say I am truly addicted!
I miss that feeling of wanting to quilt all the time.  For 3 years it was non-stop, like I just couldn't get enough.  Then I had my first dry spell and wasn't in the mood to do anything.  Not even buy fabric!  I was so worried that I'd lost the quilt bug.  Even though the dry spell ended I had another one a few years later.  But I've never had that feeling that I had in the beginning and I miss it!  I envy you and hope the feeling never goes away!  Lately I'll get excited when planning something, but I don't think about quilting 24/7 like I used to.


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