to add a comment to a photo already posted, open a photo on it's own page. upper right hand corner. two choices - "OPTIONS" or "ADD".

click on "OPTIONS" the drop down menu, click on whatever you wish to this case you want "edit details". click on that option. a page opens with your photo on left side then a box to right of it with the title you posted w the photo. to change from a number to a name etc - click in that box and re-write. under title box is discussion/comment box. to add a descriptive or explanatory note to accompany your photo - click in the box and type whatever note you wish to. then click "save" in lower left side below. when done, it will display your photo as before, but now it will say all the things you wish to accompany it with.

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Thanks for the hint!  I have no idea how this site works yet.  I can use all the suggestions you all have.  :-)

Thank you for this info. I thought there had to be a way to do this but not knowing, just made the string of posts.

you're very welcome. i joined the site in 2011 & learned as i "pushed buttons". when my son was teaching me to use a computer years ago, he would come home from work and ask what i'd done on the computer that day. my usual reply was "well kept doing weird stuff & i decided to wait till you were here so i wouldn't do anything wrong or break it". after a few times of him listening to this he said "mom! just push buttons! push all the buttons! it won't blow up!!" heeheehee so ..i'm still pushing buttons. sometimes i sorta kinda cringe ...just in case it finally blows up. lollol ..if you have any questions re: any other functions or 'buttons' just ask! i or someone will happily bounce in here and help you!


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