I'm not finding where I can check for emails! I'm new and also need help on how to post pics?

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Hi Rhonda...I'll try my best to explain.

Checking for e-mails: On the top RIGHT of your home page (My Place) there's a box with your name, sign out, IN-BOX (mail), alerts, friends, etc.  Just click on your in-box and you'll see if you have mail.

Adding photos: On the LEFT of your home page there's a list...blog posts, discussions, events, groups, PHOTOS, etc.  Click on photos and it'll take you to a page that has a box with +add (up by your name on the RIGHT side).  Click on that and another page will come up with a camera in the center.  Click on that and it should open a new box with your own computer info.  I have VISTA, so I have to click on "my photos", then I look for whatever I want to add and click on it.  It will automatically transfer it back to the camera page with instructions.  It's hard to explain because I don't know what operating system you're using and it just depends on how your computer box shows up.  I tried my best to explain and hope it makes some sense...maybe someone else can explain it better.  Just try it out and see what happens.  You can always delete a picture and you can't mess up your page or anything.  If you get lost just go back to "My Place".  Anyway, good luck!

Hi, Bridget! I'm having a warning come up on my comments! Where can I go to find out what this means? I am using my IPhone as I have no computer of my own! It says warning then socialnetworking/ iPhone/app153...... Idont know exactly what all it was. I don't want to be band from this site, this is the 2nd time I've seen it! I don't know what to do! Can you help me at all?
Rhonda, I don't have a clue!  I don't use my phone for anything except making calls.  I did send an e-mail to the AQS and asked if someone there could reply and help you out.  I'd give it a day or two to see if anyone answers.  Sorry I can't be of more help!  Hang in there!
Hi Rhonda. I'll send you a message to see if we can find out what is happening for you. Please check your "inbox". It's right where QuilterBridget said!
Yes I was not going to the full screen therefore I did not see any place for the inbox! Sorry! I figured it out! Thankyou so much! Another problem is that I have not been able to put a pic on my profile! I am using my iPhone maybe that is why! I sent a note to you about getting a warning! Please know that I'm not trying to be obnoxious, I really don't know! Thank you for the concerns!


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