This is one of my favorite "scrappy" patterns, and you really can use up the "ugly" fabrics in this one...I like to use either solids or fabrics that will appear as solids for the criss -cross, unless the square is more tonal or solid.. I like to use a 6.5 inch square, cut it diagonally then then sew a 1.5" piece in the diagonal . I have also used 5.5 inch squares and 8 inch squares...good way to use up large florals. or just excess stash.

Just thought I would share.


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Looks like a handy pattern for charity quilts, is there a link to a tutorial so all our group members could do there own blocks then we could just assemble it at meetings

So would you just cut the block ino 2 diagonally , sew in the strip and then trim the block square? I jus don't want to end up with an off centre, crooked rectangle instead.

Yes, exactly....try and line up the pieces when sewing them to the strip, so they are evenly placed on each side,  press and then trim...I like to use a 6.5 in square with a diagonal line.....and when you place that diagonal line in the center of the diagonal strip , it really is slick and easy and quick to do these blocks........I sew a bunch, then press them then trim them.

And yes this is a great pattern for charity....I have done many in this pattern for charity. I haven't done one that didn't look great when finished  no matter what fabrics were used.

I'm a little lost here Cheryl .  Do you make a 4 patch and cut diagonally or is it each square .  I think I brain fog or something .     Annie

Cut each square diagonally...........if you wanted to do this as a 4 would probably work, too.......this pattern though is individual squares....I guarantee that every quilt you make with this pattern you will works for any type of quilt......Cheryl

Thank you .    Annie

I like this one.


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