Good Morning all! here's a hilarious read. quilting from the perspective of a husband whose specialty is Criminal Law.

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This is wonderful and hilarious! Well worth reading! Thanks for sharing, Rogue!

hi ginny! i thaught it was hilarious fun, glad you enjoyed it too!

Oh my gosh...  Rogue I just read this.  It is wonderful and hilarious.  Thank you so much for sharing it.

heeheehee yeah! that's what i thought --wonderful & hilarious fun. the guy is just great!

now that was funny. and  well, true. lol

yes ..very true. he sounds like he's loving every minute of his life w a quilter too!

Wow...they used to pay lawyers "by the word", so now we can see why some have done very well for themselves,lol! Fun read, love the part about airport security & the featherweight:)

yeah, that was really funny! you could almost see all the security people hovering around wife & her little black jewel. my favorite part was him describing the drafting, measuring, figuring ...having drafted so many somewhat complex patterns ...his description of the process ...well ..sorta made me feel accomplished? :))
i shoulda been a lawyer :))

ROFL This is wonderful, but I won't share with DH. I don't want him to start looking. LOL

really? lollol ...mine is more of the enabler type. happily buys more plastic storage bins for the growing stash after he's wandered the fabric isles pushing a cart w frequent queries "did you see that one, should i get the bolt for you?" :))

the variety of hubby types is the best part of quilty fun!

This was too funny.


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