Start of a new block exchange!

9" finished - It can be any idea you want to swap. You just need to do all of the same idea.

The backing fabric must be of quality fabric. You will make 11 sent to me to be distributed back to all of you. This will be no different than the swaps we did before.

Deadline to join is Nov. 6, 2017

Message Carla Walton for her address she will receive the mail please make sure you place in your package a return postage envelope. Mailing date before Nov. 30 2017 this is the deadline, if your blocks are not received or you need help message Carla Walton on your reason for a delay. Post comments please to keep everyone abroad of your situation.

Admin: Carla Walton
Please send your pkgs to Carla Walton she will private message her address

1. Chef Lisa
2. Ethelda *
3. Vicki
4. Beth *
5. Mary-Anne *
6. Rebecca *
7. Gail Brown *
8. Wilma *
9. Melanie Keith

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Ok gals I've created a new block swap.
Who wants to join?

I'll get Connie and Carla as added admins.
I'll join in! Been a while since I've been here. Just moved and setting up my new mega sewing studio! Must the block be appliqué?
I'll join. I'm finally rested from 2016 quilting frenzy. LOL what pattern? Not interested in applique or baskets.
You can make anything you want and any style. Pieced, fused, appliquéd, Victorian whatever your heart desires. It's more or less to get our swap going again.

I think I could do this.  I am booked until October 22 though.  Once that date passes, quilt show, I can have some fun again.

OK Chef I'm in  but can't even begin them til I get to AZ in Nov - so hopefully your date will be later in that month.  I'm doing a pile of projects before I leave but when I arrive I could start a block exchange if that is good.  Will have to think on what I'd like to do - might need some direction LOL......................

No biggie Mary-Anne I have seen you get projects done very quick.
I'm not rushing it so don't worry. It's to get the swapping going again.
I love doing the swaps!
I'm working on quilting UFO toppers. I have a big pile of toppers to be quilted.

Just wanted to let you know how relieved l am to see you've posted something, Lisa...we were worried about you re: lrma.

It took awhile to use phone and internet. No power for 6 days. Ton of cleanup and still not sure what I'm going to do to my yard. I lost most of my fruit trees and a 30' triple Fishtail palm, 3/4 of my seagrape was crushed by the palm. Uprooted my orchid tree, Meyer lemon, coconut palm, two surnam cherry, native plum. Twisted 3/4 of my Jamaican cherry many mango branches, all my papayas gone about a dozen full of fruit and bananas down two had a large rack of bananas.
My lanai full of water but screens untouched and house is perfect. Boys said patio doors bowed during the eye close.
My Mamet sapota and 2- 25' royals untouched.
I drove to my brothers Wednesday am as my neck n back were just out of sorts.
Finally most of us are getting back to normal. Grocery stores are almost completely stocked now and gas stations functioning.
We were lucky! I don't know how people will handle a storm again. So many people unprepared. I shopped for can goods and water really early I always have important papers packed up ready to go.
It's flooding that is so bad like Naples is dealing with.
Thanks for thinking of me but I've been through a few.
I must have hit the wrong thing. Sorry everyone and thank you Ethelda for letting me know. I was wondering why no one was responding.
You are welcome Lisa. Stuff happens. LOL

Hmmm...9" of anything? What is the due date to you? I just got my BIG project done and gifted, and a baby quilt is well on it's way to being done before the baby's arrival, so I just might be able to do this!! :)


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