Here is the problem,

Grease from my machine got onto the quilt while I was quilting.


How can I fix this? I cna't remove it. Nothing I have tried worked.

So far this is what I have come up with.

Obviously, this is a quick pin to see if it works. And I would do it over the entire quilt. I don't know. Maybe a different color? What color? Or should I do something completely different?

What would you do?

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Have you tried shampoo? or a good liquid dish soap? Both can take out grease without bleaching the fabric. Another thought is to add small appliques of some of the animals in the quilt in a random design, with one covering the grease stain.

Well, that's one way to solve the problem, but how about just putting a few "embroidered appliques" in the sashing like you can pick up at Hancocks.  it's a pretty quilt but I would handstitch a few small appliques here andthere just to coordinate with what you hav done.  Just my thoughts!  Good luck!
Hi, I was thinking about your dilemma with the spots. I think if it were me I would make some yo-yo flowers out of some of the fabric used in the quilt (if you have any scraps left over). If you don't have any scraps to use,  I would just use some coordinated fabric and make the yo-yo flowers out of those. I would spread the flowers out randomly over the quilt so that it wouldn't look uneven. I'd love to see how you finished it. Good luck.
I agree with the others...add some small appliques.  They'll add interest to your quilt as well as cover that spot.  I buy my appliques here:  They have a nice selection of butterflys that I think would look nice on your quilt.
If there was no way for me to cut put that section and replace it, I think hand embroidered " things" would be best. 
If there was no way for me to cut put that section and replace it, I think hand embroidered " things" would be best. 
I find vinegar is a great grease removal tool.  if it's not too late.  I don't think it bleaches, but would test it on a scrap first.  I use it in my laundry all the time.
I bought a tube of "Goop" from our big box lumber yard. It's actually a hand cleaner but works terrifically on stains too. Just tonight I washed a grease stain (grease from a camper trailer hitch) from lavender cotton sheeting pants that last week was washed and dried (dryer). I found the stain days later. I Gooped the stain and let it rest overnight then washed with its regular load tonight. I was amazed that the stain came out.

I have had this happen to me and I have embroidered over the spot and then did a few other designs else were on the quilt


Your quilt is beautiful and is going to make someone a very happy person.  I really like all the other suggestions very much.  These cleaning products hopefully will remove it.  (if not, one more thing you could try is a spray upholstery cleaner / carpet cleaner such as Spot Shot or one sold in Car dealerships for upholstery).  Definitely try on scrap before you use on the quilt.  I would also spray on a towel, not on the quilt.  Then blot the quilt. 

If you go with the applique method, you could audition small lady bugs or butterflies.  I think these will sparkle and add a touch of interest.  Use an odd number (maybe 3 or 5)  in random places on the sashing and border. 

I know it hurts to have a spot on the quilt, especially if it is a gift, but as a mother of two kids, I have had my kids spill on and stain quilts and it has been really hard to sometimes, it just adds history to the quilt....

good luck and post pictures when you resolve the issue....

Applique tiny bugs with flight marks randomly throughout your sashing. It would cover the grease and make it cohesive with the rest of the quilt which is adorable, by the way.


Your bug quilt is so fun! Here's one more option for you. Excuse my lack of skills with the paint program. Obviously, I would make my squares on point or strips,even and straight. Whatever you decide to do,hope this turns into one of those happy accidents for you:)


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