We are going a little loose this year.  You need to set yourself a goal.  Don't make it to outrageous.  Make it to where it might hurt just a little to attain, yet keep it realistic.  I think we all have been working at using some stash.  This will be fun this year because of all the outside influences on our quilt making.

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For March: 14 yds in and 41 and 1/2 yds out

Boy, Gayle, you are going Gang Busters! I am still putzing along, but making headway. Guess that is all that matters. I sew almost every day. 

The weather is warming so I will be slowing down.  There is a lot I hope I can get done in my new yard.  Planted 2 rose bushes this morning, big accomplishment for me.

Agreed, Ginny, I am getting a little jealous at her production.  Guess I am going to have just take hold of the reins and go a bit gang buster.  My bad today, I put on order some fabric that has taken some time to come in, well it did and I ordered seven yards of it.  It is going on the back of a couple of quilts I have in the line up of mine.  Guess I best be getting busy. LOL

Well, nothing in yet since my last purchase.  I hope to do some sewing this weekend along with baby showers and customer quilts to get done.  I know I have two baby quilts that need quilted for the showers.  Yeah, I know, cutting it close, but at least the tops are sewn.

Oh my gosh I have some yardage out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finishing up the binding on three of the four, but I can claim 14 yards out finally.  I will post pics here shortly, most likely Saturday.  

We have a bad mattress and need to go shopping for the warranty replacement.  The new tires we bought last October have two bad ones, warranty replacements will be on the agenda as well.  No fun.  

Here are some recent finishes of Beth's all from stash - 

thank you Ginny.  You are a sweet lady.  I am going to have to get busy again.  Working on customer quilts like crazy.  I still have binding on three more of mine that need posted.  Then I made the mistake of going to the fabric store today.  Yeah, acquired some yardage.  I have 11 yards in again.  Saw some beautiful fabric for baby and then wanted to add some borders to my Floral and Fauna panel.  

Nothing in or out quite yet.  I just know I am going to have some going out here shortly.  Lots of receiving blankets, crib sheets, and baby blankets in the making, not to mention some bindings.

April 5 yds out    2yds in

Nice job!

I can now officially say, because fully finished for me, 27 yards out.  Finished mom and dad's gift quilts and SIL quilt.  I did buy some fabric, bad me, for a baby quilt.  I received some Bambi fabric from a friend.  Made a book out of one set and the quilt is half finished.  I am working on it.  I did also finish up the base for my appliques on a baby quilt.  I do have a baby sheet half done as well along with four bassinet sheets in the works.  

30 yards out; 9 yards in.  


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