We are going a little loose this year.  You need to set yourself a goal.  Don't make it to outrageous.  Make it to where it might hurt just a little to attain, yet keep it realistic.  I think we all have been working at using some stash.  This will be fun this year because of all the outside influences on our quilt making.

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Well ladies, I am guilty as ever.  The good thing is that all the yardage I have purchased, I have used.  It has been for baby quilts and backing for customer quilts.  I am still at zero, but that is better than in hole.

Awesome as always,Beth.

reporting for February:  11 yds in    291/2 yards out

Great job!!!!!

Good thing we are not counting batting.  I just bout up about 40 yards of batting for quilts.  It was on sale 25% off.  For a longarm quilter, that is a diamond to have.  

Feb. - 0 in and 11 1/2 yd. out with the completion of my B.A.D. quilt. 


Can I please ask you what a B.A.D. quilt is?

 Thank you!

OMGoodness! I am sorry I didn't see this sooner, Elle! B. A. D. quilt - Block A Day quilt. I have followed Pat Sloan very regularly through the pandemic and since and she has done several BAD quilt sew alongs during this time. Mine is from April of 2020. She currently has another going to mark the year anniversary of this whole thing called Hope.  

Love it.  It is a pretty quilt I must add as well.

Thank you, Beth! 

Oooo, acronyms.

I do not have them quilted yet, but I have used up some stash!  Yes, I pieced a two tops, one for mom and one for dad.  I used a wooly jelly roll and left over pieces of flannel I had from backings.  They are not eye catchers, but they will be warm and cuddly for mom and dad.  I even have backings from the stash ready to go.  Now to get busy.


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