Come one come all who want to focus on using up your stash.  Set your goals if you like or just come on into the group to keep yourself on track.  All are accepted.  

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Oh goodness, I have more scraps than I have time to work with.  I really need to get busy on my patterns for them.  When I was off work last year, I did cut up lots of scraps and sorted them by Dimes, Nickels, and charms plus strips.  I still have three tubs full that need done.  I can't part with them.  They are memories of all the quilts I have made over the years.  

Wow, I am not alone.  I have a ton of Stash....when I get time I am going to put strings together and cut them in 6-1/2, 8-1/2 and perhaps 12-1/2 inch squares.  Then I can add sashing and plain/accent blocks to them.  Perhaps make lap quilts for memory care or our local Project Linus or Safe House centers.

Beth i have been using up my stash on my safe kids quilts too. I have gotten several tops completed.

Carla, that's a new one to that for kids going into foster care?

Riana it is a localized group of people from Little Rock done through the church that Connie goes to. Some of them do indeed foster kids until thier home life improves.  Each safe kid gets a quilt to call thier own. 

Carla and Chris, love those stars!

Just peeking in. I'm still working on " building" my stash. I make a lot of quilts, all for charity, so l use up a lot.. Luckily here at Water Oak, we can use the donated and purchased from fundraising fabrics in our collective stash. The big closet is organized like a store with bolts, folded large " scraps" in baskets ( by colour), and a drawer of fat 1/4's and another for 2.5" strips. Any fabric in there is available to us( for our hospital and veterans quilts, plus pillow cases & teddybears.), and any leftovers are returned to closet for others to use. I don't take much along any more, but usually buy a bit to take much more choice here. 

That is such an amazing idea. 

Carla, in 2019 we gave away 1700 items...all made by a group of 27 ladies! Teddy bears, pillow cases, tabbies,  breast cancer wearable comfort cushions, veteran's quilts, isolette covers for lCU, quilts for 2  largechildren's hospital wards, newborn infant hats, hospice and memory care lap quilts plus the Honor Flight quilts. One very busy bunch of sewists. I'm proud to be a member!

Welcome back Barb.  Glad you will be among the stash busting achievers.

!st stashbuster for 2020 is done and delivered.  I gave it to Maggie's (aged 2) GGM  this morning, along with another quilt I had made earlier for her bigger sister.  Maggie wanted the baby quilt I had made for her new born brother, George.  So I made one for her with the cross-stitched Duck blocks I was given.

This is just too cute, Elizabeth! Did you do the stitching on the blocks? Were they colored already or did you do that, too? Does it have one of your famous backs? 

What a great group to belong to!  Next stash quilt I will work on is my Pansy Quilt.  My daughter, many years ago, had a friend make up a sewing basket as a present for me.  I got a piece of fabric with pansy appliques to add to something I was making.  I finally fused them to fabric squares and rectangles and hand blanket stitched them and built a stash quilt around them.  And today I am going to iron the scrap pieced backing I sewed for the top.  My batting just arrived last week or so.


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