Come one come all who want to focus on using up your stash.  Set your goals if you like or just come on into the group to keep yourself on track.  All are accepted.  

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Before I even do it, I am going to state I will need to report fabric in because one of the stores going out of business has 65% off and I want to take advantage of it before it is to late.

Oh dear, I am behind posting here.  Oh well been behind on lots of things lately.

Finished another quilt so guessing another 10 yards out.  Is a Queen size.

Basting another one now so more yardage out soon.

I lost my photograher so no more pictures, :(

Finished another quilt today so another 10 yards out.

I have FINALLY finished my Frolic top and with the backing I am going to declare 16.5 yds. out! Being limited to sewing time really sucks, but I am excited to have it done! 

41/2 yards in and 3 1/3 out

Just finishing up a mystery quilt top.  7 yards out...used only stash.

It's been a while to post anything here. I figured I better before the year ends and I forget. Between the SS blocks and the gifts for my SS person, I guess I would say about 3.5 yds. out. 0 in for forever. I don't remember the last time I was in my LQS. 

Finished up grandson’s quilt....7 yards out.  Yippee.  Now trying to use scraps to make crumb blocks.  We shall see our that goes.

I have been using up my scraps as soon as I make them and I have been using my stash up.  I only made 1 purchase from CT so that I would have coordinating fabric for my precious Kekfesto fabric from Hungary.  But I haven't been keeping track of the amount.  Wilma, if you don't want to use your crumb blocks for a top you can use them for backing!

I got the idea from you.  I have lots of scraps so am using the embroidery machine, I sew the scraps together on the regular machine.  I have enjoyed all you backing from were an inspiration.  Will try to do some paper piecing also using scraps.  Merry Christmas to you and your family during this “different” year.

Hello every one, I am back, I think.  Finally go into my new home the last of October, my sister was diagnosed with brain cancer the first part of November and passed away the 2nd of December.  2020 was not a good year for me, but God is good and I am moving forward.

I have lost track of yardage in and out but have a finish or two and took advantage of a fabric sale, at least I am back to sewing.

I do hope every one starts posting here regularly again and i will try and do my part.  I have missed you all.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh Gayle, sorry to hear about your sister; am sure she is in a better place.  I just hate cancer.  Best wishes for a good holiday and some peace.  Sure hope 2021 is a much better year.


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