This is all about those scraps we have in boxes, bins, tubs, and yes, under the bed. LOL  We all have scraps of one size or another.  If it is bigger than a fat quarter, then not a scrap.  I have lots of fat quarters around.  Those are called left overs and that size goes back into the stash busting category.  Now those smaller ones, those are what we are talking about.  I still have three tubs which are over flowing.  Let us count the quilts we can make out of those.

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Thank you! 

You are doing well with your scraps.

I will get pics up.  Maybe sweet talk Ginny into doing it for me. LOL  I actually have a few scrap quilts done.  Working on the binding in the morning, I think.  Took some me time and quilted up four quilts.  Two of them are a combination of scraps and a jelly roll to make the Two Step Missouri Star Quilt pattern for my parents, birthday and Mother's Day.  Then I used all scraps from backings from my own and customers cuddle and pieced it and used it for a vintage quilt top for someone.  I like it actually.  I did not have any issues with quilting it either.  That is a break from the headache my new machine has been.

What new machine, Beth? Domestic or longarm?

It is my longarm.  I bought an A-1 in September 2020.  We are getting to be friends.

Beth's pieced backing all from her scraps-

The lovely quilting really pops!

Cuddle fabric is good for that.

I still seem to be creating more scraps than using them.

Beth, isn't that true? You use up one size but create 2 others in the process,lol.

Checking in.

I have to learn not to cut up so much fabric, lol.  I am working on cutting up scraps to make certain quilt patterns.  I received the Feathered Star Die for Christmas and it is pretty, tested it on one block.  Will cut up some scraps to make up a quilt.  

Will be doing Hunter Star, Arkansas Traveler, Leymonne Star, and Ohio Star quilts.  Scraps are going to get busted.  Thought with my strips, while finishing up a scrap project I started 18 or so years ago, my strips will be sewn together and then cut out with a die cut to make a quilt.  Then some are made into a couple of other scrap quilts so I can utilize them to the fullest.

Have you ever looked at your scraps and remember the quilts you have made with them?  I am reminising and seeing the beautiful quilts and blocks I have made for swaps and gifts for others.


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