This thread will be to help you bust some scraps.  We will not count scraps into yardage, but by completed projects. At that time, you should be able to tell if you busted some scraps.  Personally I have lots of tubs, and I do mean the 50 gallon size tubs full of scraps.  Let us all be zealous to complete as many scrap quilts as possible! 

Make anything you want to make.  Google search for scrap quilts or scrap projects; Pintrest, several books, be creative.  I am sure you have a pattern or two for scrap projects and quilts.  If you find a good pattern, please share. There have been pot holders made (2), purses, slippers, mug rugs(4), quilts (1), placemats (4) etc. The choice is yours.  The purpose of this challenge is to use your scraps.  Crump blocks make wonderful pot holders.

You MUST use scraps.  A scrap size is no bigger than a 10” piece of fabric.  If you have a fat quarter, that is not a scrap. No, a layer cake is not a pile of scraps.  If you have a couple left from your layer cake, that is a scrap to me.

Report on your progress each step of the way.  This will encourage all of us to get on the ball and join in the cause of busting some scraps.

If you can, and only if you can, post photos of your progress.  If you can't post, don't fret please.  It is just for us visual people. 

Celebrate at the end of a completed quilt or project. 

There is no actual start date so you may join in during the year. 

You may use, only from your stash, up to 3 yards of a base fabric for your scrap quilt/project. 

If you only use scrap fabric for your quilt, you get an extra bonus entry for the prize.

Orphan blocks may be used with your scrap quilt/project. 

Your quilt(s) will need to be completed this year to qualify for a prize. Yes, there is a prize in the end. (Will be disclosed later) No, not more scraps. LOL.  Quilters who have completed a scrap quilt this year, will have their name put in a drawing, and at end of year, will pull out of the hat and announce.  Yes, you may do more than one, ten or even 30 if you so desire. 

Riana (6); Elizabeth (5); Ginny (1); Beth (5);

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This is my very first quilted garment. It's called a " quilted hug", and is like a cape and shawl combo. This one has flannel as liner instead of reccommended fleece. The 95 yr. old recipient keeps her home heat turned up very warm. The collar wasn't as easy to fold back, but after some coaxing w/ steam iron, it sat well.Closure tab has velcro . I first quilted the strips with midarm, then trimmed to pattern's size...but after trying it on myself, realized it would swim on her, as she is very petite, and it was large on me. So, now l have some quilted scraps to use up. Thinking a tote. Thanks to Kathy B. of Secret Santa group for link to this design. The quilted hugs are given to the sick or elderly by some charity groups

This looks so cozy! Lovely fabric! Wonderful pattern! I watched a video for these. You do such nice work, Riana! 

Thankyou, Ginny. There was one example l'll have to give a try...front panels were embroidered. ( l would likely do applique + bit of embroidery detail if l were to do another.)

Ginny, love your Lonely Hearts Quilt and the 2 pot holders!  Riana, I have not seen your Quilted Hug before.  It looks like it would be nice and warm - similar to a shawl.

Thank you, Liz! As much as I love things that are full of color and a little different, this one really challenged me. I have some more scrap finishes coming. Been working on smaller, easy to mail gifts for family - all from leftover parts from other projects. 

Another crazy patch back! You keep them coming , Elizabeth :-))

Love those backings of yours, Liz! When will we see the front?

With a little tearing apart, re-cutting, and sewing up in a different way, I took leftovers from some projects and made 3 table toppers and a tablerunner. I will be giving them to my siblings with big, 3 wick candles for Christmas.

They're all very pretty...but that runner is over the top! Love it.

Thanks, Callie and Riana! 

Thank you, Riana.  Today I worked on the binding for a baby quilt for George.  He will be making an appearance in the next 2 months.  The quilt is a panel but I have spent hours and hours free motion quilting it

My cleaning lady and friend, Linda, gave me 2 packages of appliqued poly-cotton baby blocks.  The first is of cross stitched ducks.  Everything is finished excepted for the face of 2 of the ducks.  I'll probably work on them soon.


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