This challenge will last all of 2019!!! It will be broken into 4 quarters :


Carla - quilt valentines quilt top and one other swap block  top either pumpkins or Christmas. *Finish the Snowman blocks into a top. 

Jean - quilt Under The Sea top.


Mary anne -* snowman blocks into runners.

Connie - finish quiltalong , snowpeople swap. 

Wilma  - snowmen and Christmas blocks. ** 



Chris - 


Carri - *

Melanie K. Sgt peppers, tourquoise and choice of  swap block 


Carla - quilt two quilts. Assemble another set of squares.

Connie-  pumpkin patch, butterflies and roosters.

Wilma - snowman 

Jean- under the sea quilting, sew butterfly top, sewing themed quilting.

MaryAnne - snowman runners, start under the sea, sewing blocks.

Chris - jamestown landing, under the sea, green argyle , diamonds jubilee strips. 

Melanie - forward 1st quarter goals..

Beth - bird swap.  Hst swap      heart block swap



 This challenge will have ZERO swapping in it. It is strictly created to try to get some finishes on our swap blocks!  You may join in at any time and you can finish any number of quilts  or other projects you wish in each quarter but the hope is to complete at least one each quarter! 

Here is how it works:

* sign up quarterly. This will prompt you to have accountability!

*make goals!! Be willing to post your goals each quarter and do your best to follow through! 

* choose your blocks for the quarter! It can be blocks we have swapped or even ones you have just had setting around forever! 

* be prepared!  Whether it is scrappy or perfectly chosen have it ready to go. Choose a setting! 

*share ideas to help others move forward! Sometimes the hardest part of this is deciding on a setting. Let's help each other by sharing ideas!

* be prepared to post progress and hopefully pictures if you are able! 

* the main goal is to get all the way to a finished quilt!! Binding and all! Or if you prefer you may use the blocks to complete some other project such as table runners, place settings or bed runners. 

But even if you are only able to get to the quilt top stage at least it's not a pile of blocks!!

             ************** HAVE FUN!! *************

This is the main thing! When it stops being fun you stop making progress! Lets keep it fun. You never know I may add prizes in here at some point! 


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Yes! Anyone who wants to sure can. 

Connie, I finished one today that is probably only four or five years old.  It is rather small and a hodgepodge of things: ten handkerchiefs (some my Grandmother’s, some my Mom’s), hand appliqué, hand and domestic machine quilting, a pin representing my Mom’s childhood, three pins from my adulthood, and some hand and machine embroidery.  It has  both of my Grandmother’s first name, my Mom’s first name, my name, and my Grandmother’s and Mother’s nicknames (Mama, Mimi, and Mom).  I had to give up hand quilting it so part is machine quilted.  It is nothing in terms of quilting really, but so sentimental that I decided that rather than hang it for Mother’s Day, I would hang it near my bedside.  I hesitate to post it because it is so poorly made, but I will.  Maybe it will inspire someone to make a better one ;-)

i just love that. I have some that I need to do something with. 

Thanks, Connie.  I still have a bunch more that I would like to do something with.  My kids never knew the great grandma who collected hankies so they don’t have much meaning for them, so I ‘d like to put them in a quilt that someone might enjoy someday.

Great job, Jean.  I have some from my grandmother I should do something with them.

Thanks, Wilma.

I think this is really lovely Jean.

Thanks, Chris.

Earlier this week I made a small quilt top with shamrocks.  It probably will be lucky to get quilted by St. Patrick’s Day 2020.  Lol.  But it was a nice break from more intense projects.  

I still have my sister’s quilt on the frame.  I procrastinate well.  

This quarter I substituted the snow people quilt for the under the sea one, so I guess I will try once again to get the under the sea quilted next quarter.  If I can manage to get my sister’s finished.  Then I should have my lonely hearts quilt top finished.  It is quite close to done. So that’s all I will commit to for next quarter.

Well my plan for this week is to quilt the snow people quilt and then figure out what what I’m doing for the second quarter. 

Well I also have to quilt three baby quilts. 

Go, Connie, go!


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