Fellow Quilters,  I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a batik pineapple block swap. 

I saw a post on facebook that said the pineapple has been considered a sign of hospitality since Colonial Times.  They were so hard to come by during that era that confectioners often rented a single pineapple out to multiple society hostesses over several days to be used as a table centerpiece. A woman's ability to have a real pineapple in her home spoke to her status within the community and, as an extension, her ability to make her guests feel welcome and important.  As a nod to that fabulous history and lets face it because they are just so stinkin' cute I thought it would be super fun to make a pineapple quilt with lost of different pineapples.  I thought a wide variety of different batik fabrics would make the quilt blocks just absolutely beautiful.  So who's in? 

The requirements are simple...

This block swap will be a Batik Pineapple Block.  All experience levels welcome from beginner to expert. Blocks can be either patchwork or appliqué.  All blocks must be in to me no later than May 1st, 2019. We are looking for 12 people to participate.  if you are looking to participate let me know. Once I have a head count of how many people are participating I will let you know how many blocks each person should make.

Rules for the block:

Please wash all your fabric before you begin your project.  I request this to help ensure that colors don't run on the pretty white background fabric and so that you do not have to worry about varying shrinkage. Different fabrics shrink at different rates no matter how good your fabric is.  

Please use good quality fabric.  

Background fabric MUST be White or White on White. NO grey, tan, eucre, eggshell or off white.  White only!!!!!!!

The block size must be 12" finished blocks- (which means that when you mail it to me it should be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2") 

The blocks can be any kind of Pineapple you want as long as you use batik fabrics.

 if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  

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Did the fruit salad go out yet? Wondering if I should be looking out for it in the mail.

Question for everyone-  I am still waiting on one girls squares. She is sick to death that the post office has lost them. Both her and I have spoken to the post master and he is diligently searching for them. I know everyone is super excited to get there squares. Would you ladies like to to go ahead and mail what I have now and when the last one finally arrives I can mail it out separately I hate to make you ladies wait. Let me know what you think.  

I guess I would like to have them now so that I can figure out what fabrics I want to add to them.

 I hate to be a pessimist but about seven or eight years ago, either the Post Office lost three of my quilts - or to be fair, someone may have stolen them.  They were never found.  It devastated me for a while, so I sympathize with her.  I think this will be a more happy conclusion, but if they don’t turn up, I am sure each of us can make an additional pineapple if need be.  At least she will have ours as a consolation.

Ok maybe just send them. Since the post office has had some time to look and nothing showed up, I am not hopeful. So sorry this happened to her. Does she have any pictures to share?

Picture would be nice!

I agree with Anna and Jean.  Thanks for keeping us posted.  So sorry that the USPS did not come through for her.. Hugs to you both!  I’m sure we can each make 1 extra block, if needed. 

Ladies, thanks for your patience. I am sorry it has taken so long. The post master was unable to find the package. I will be sending out the packages 1 short. Danna has said she is willing to make another batch but it’s going to take a little bit as she is now in the middle of moving. I will send you your tracking numbers via a private message tomorrow from the post office. I know you will all love the pineapples they turned out amazing. 

Thank you Jackie. If Danna gets to making a new batch I would love one. I will probably not get to putting this quilt together for some time so it could work for me to get the block later. It will be fun to see them all together. Thank you for hosting this swap. I know a lot of work goes into it and I also appreciate you making it work to the fullest by being creative in filling the empty slots so we can get a greater variety of blocks. 

I will make sure you get one.

Yes, Jackie.  I agree with Anna in appreciating you suggesting this swap and hosting it.  Thanks so much.  

I also would like one of Danna’s replacement pineapples, if she really is willing to undertake the effort.  It will probably be next year if before my pineapples are more than something to look at for inspiration.  

My pineapples are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you, everyone!  Again, Jackie, thanks for cooking up such a lovely swap.

Thank you all! My pineapples came in and I am so happy. I hope to post a picture soon.


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