I looked up the sears quilt contest in 1930 or about. I was so amazed at how the quilts have changed.All those ladies made those quilts as very special quilts in a time when things were hard for the average family.

  I have all these new things to quilt with my computer to look up patterns,my printer to print out paper pieced patterns. all the rulers and rotary cutters although I still prefer  shears.  all the new thread. great sewing machines.I learned to sew on a treadle machine. made all my cloths on it I have one now and it works but my new Viking is so much easier to use. We never had a quilt shop just J C Pennys and Montgomery Wards to  obtain fabric you could order it from Sears or Wards or we had feed sacks. I remember the quilt on my bed my mom made it was called hearts and gizzards. I loved it, we had to have quilts to keep warm when we had wood heat it got cold at night when the fire went out until morning. My mom made utility quilts. You never see anyone making just a quilt to keep warm any more, they are all special projects.

My granny had a quilt frame that hung from the ceiling and always had a quilt in it . But there were lots of tied quilts also, no time to quilt all they needed . My granny  ask me when I was in my twentys If I wanted to learn to quilt. I said are you kidding I can buy a blanket for 10.00 and save all that work. I don't have time to do that stuff. Them when I was forced to retire in my fortys I was bored and found a quilt magazine and decided I could make a quilt. A mariners compass well my mariners compass blocks looked like little volcanos,you don't start quilting on the hardest quilt pattern. Just because you can sew doesn't make you a quilter. Then I became the quilt lady  from Remote Oregon. I had some quilts in magazines and people wrote to me as the quilt lady in remote and I got their letters . I sold quilts, bartered  quilts and loved it. When you live where there is no tv or radio you learn to intertain yourself so I learned to quilt from the library service by mail and magazines. Then I was asked to teach  a class at a community college.I drove 60 miles once a month to go to my first quilt guild.

Now I have all this knowledge and neither of my daughters wants to learn how they just want a special quilt. I have learned to love the quilts of the 30s. Depression quilts, Kansas city Star quilts.but my special thing is all those old 1800 quilts that are appliqued and the Baltimores they are the shining stars for me. I love them. I have rambled on and got off the original subject but this is why I quilt I love it what a way to express your artistic feelings. And all these things that make it so much easier to quilt.And Longarm quilt machines that do such a wonderful job of finishing a quilt to save my fingers.  so good night everyone have a blessed quilting day tomorrow. Dottie   

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Comment by Linda Smothers on October 14, 2013 at 12:44pm

Just keep rambling on Dottie. I love to read your blogs. I started quilting using the old patterns and I just love them. I admire the new works, but when it comes to the actual quilting for myself I just revert to the old patchwork or applique patterns of long ago. So much beauty...So much pleasure. 

Comment by sue brigle on October 7, 2013 at 9:43pm

and those old quilts w/all their use and age are always soft as butter, like a warm cocoon.

Comment by DOROTHY DAVIS on October 7, 2013 at 1:28pm

Oh I love those old turkey red quilts I love red and green quilts to . I just love quilts they are WONDERFUL.

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on October 7, 2013 at 11:21am
and ramble away dotty! i love reading your thoughts here in your blog posts. i took one class too, i thought, learn how to hand quilt my grammas quilt tops that i had inherited along w her fw, and the quilt off my bed (she raised me) a pattern called greek ring. old pattern not seen much any more. hmmm...i have seen it in old 70's, i think, quilt mag. never occured to me till just now to do image search on pc lol:)).. but my learn how to hand quilt venture was instead a class on the newest quilt rage at that time -strip piecing with those new fangled modern quilt inventions - the rotary cutter and cutting mat and huge heavy clunky acrylic rulers. there was another woman in the class that, like me, thought she was going to learn how to quilt..as in hand stitched quilting of finished quilt top. so, between she and i, we convinced my friend, our teacher, to include a day for all of us to learn how to handle the needle, make the stitches and learn about "betweens". :)) i too love to look at quilts from the 1700 & 1800's. have several museum sights bookmarked to wander in occasionaly. have you been to this site - nice to wander in w a fresh hot cup of tea that always always ends up sitting and getting cold as i vecome engrossed in the photos and the stories, if known, on these beautiful quilts.


my favorite collections are the turkey red & heritage collections.

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