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Comment by Linda Koller 6 hours ago

I sympathize Mary. I get migraines too...well until I started taking daily medication for them. I still get one occasionally but much milder.

Comment by Barbara Hughes 9 hours ago

I had a migraine once!! Thankfully Only Once from eating too many brazil nuts. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. It seems like the pain will never go away. I am very sorry that these migraines are common for you Mary. I can't imagine the agony you must go through. And you're always such a cheerful person. Praying for good health for you.

Comment by Ginny Andersen 11 hours ago

So glad to hear that it isn't what we were fearful of and you are receiving treatment. Migraines are a terrible thing to deal with. Paul gets a Good Husband button for taking good care of you! 

Comment by Riana Noyes 11 hours ago

Mary, although migraines are not pleasant, it's a relief to hear it's not heart or stroke related. Still even more relieved to find you're making progress with the problem.

Comment by Mary Moore 18 hours ago

I'm sorry I worried you all...  the numb sensation is common for me, usually a precursor to a Migraine.  I was good by noon yesterday and do see my doctor regularly.  I am doing cranial sacral therapy with a very cautious woman...and so things are having depth perception for the first time in memory.  Did you know the sky goes beyond the top of the tallest tree? Paul is watching me very carefully and has forced me to go to emergency in the past when I act off.

Am getting really excited about the Art Camp knitting class next week, just found lots of Scandinavian folktales to read if all are busy with their projects.  May have three grands at the camp too!

Comment by Linda Koller 22 hours ago

Mary, I'm only going to repeat what everyone else is saying....get medical help immediately. Echoing what Riana said...possible heart/stroke coming on. Sending prayers your way.

Comment by Riana Noyes 22 hours ago

Mary, whatever happened was not because of healing thoughts, but from time passing without you getting medical help. Holistic healing should be only used as a last resort. Incases of a possible heart/stroke episode coming on, TIME is of the essense! Get to a clinic or doctor asap!

Comment by Barbara Hughes yesterday

Adding my prayers with Ginny's, Mary. Hope it is not as bad as it sounds. Could it possibly be because your neck is out of place? Please take care.

Comment by Ginny Andersen yesterday

Oh, Mary! Facial paralysis is never a good thing! A Dr. visit would be my advice and sooner, rather than later. Prayers for feeling better and answers to your concerns. 

Comment by Mary Moore yesterday

Glad that most are improving. 

For my stiff neck, a library patron spent ten minutes sending me healing energy - no touching.  The right side of my face went numb and have been so sleepy all day.  I really don't know what to think is happening?


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