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Comment by Linda Koller 20 hours ago

Prayers Mary for Paul and you. Everyone is different I hear. I pray Paul's hip replacement goes well and his rehab time goes quickly.

I've decided to explore all my options sooooo.....I'm going out to Arizona to look at places there too Aug 8-13. The one in California that I wanted sold and the bank is looking at my 2nd and 3rd choices. Living in California the budget would be very very tight and I'd have to sell a few quilts each month to make ends meet I think. I don't know what low income assistance is available there. Whereas I'm more familiar with Arizona, lot fees are much cheaper, taxes are less, etc. I'd only be a short $59 flight or short 6 hr. Amtrak ride away from grandkids. But then if I get a fantastic price for my house here in Ohio, California could be doable. So many unknowns right now.

Comment by Deanna Davis 23 hours ago

Happy birthday Elizabeth !!  Glad to see you enjoyed yourself ..

Mary, prayers for you and hubby during this time .. I am trying to avoid knees … 

Linda .. prayers that someone will love your house and make all this possible sooner than later ! 

Putting the last binding on tonight .. will handsew tomorrow .. Doug actually went out to get pie and vanilla ice cream .. it's 106 here still .. was up to 110 they say ? Too much .. 

Carla .. how are you faring over there ?? 

Comment by Ginny Andersen yesterday

Prayers for Paul and you, Mary. Yes, the healing and rehab can be long and tough for some. We will hope that he does well and heals quickly. I have heard good and bad on that one. Some bounce right back and others take a little longer. Knitting sounds like the perfect way to get through all of it....well, besides sewing! :c))

Linda, moving is a Bear, anytime, but look what you have to look forward to!! The big picture makes it all so worth it! A new chapter and regular time with your family! That is a win-win!  

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Thank you, Mary, Linda and Gail.

My birthday was an unforgettable day!  My family was so good to me.  In the afternoon I painted a bunny bank for my Great Grandson.  The hardest part was using the paints with the very fine nozzle to put on details.  I couldn't keep it straight or thin!  LOL  I shouldn't be too hard on myself, it was lots of fun!

Mary, I had my hip replacement in 2012 and I was in the hospital for 14 days.  After 4 days I just couldn't go home so I was moved to rehabilitation in the hospital.  But some friends just breeze through the operation and go home after a couple of days.  I hope that Paul will  to come home from the hospital and be ready to take you dancing.

Comment by Gail Brown yesterday

Thanks for the advice Riana about laying them out and taking a picture.  As obvious as that is, taking the picture I mean, I never thought to do it.  I'd lay them out and then forget how they were laid out.   I don't have room for a design wall so the floor is all I have except for the bed.  In either case I can't leave them there.  I have gotten another top finished and have a lot more to go, also about 12 panels to do something with.  May be able to consolidate some of the panels and blocks into tops.

Elizabeth, hope you had a wonderful day on your Birthday.

Mary, hope Pauls hip replacement goes well.  I had mine done in 2002 and now I need the other one done.  Can't put it off much longer.  If I get all these tops put together I'll have plenty of quilting to keep me busy while I rehab.  Lots of embroidery as well.  You can start cranking out those socks, can't wait to see the next ones.

Linda, I hope  things are going well with your moving plans and you will soon be in your new home.  I know this whole experience is stressful.  I'd rather have 5 root canals than have to move once.

Everyone have a good day!

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Mary, you'd better knit a lot that day...because afterwards you may be " waiting on him" for a while,lol. It takes a lot of rehabilitation work, l understand.

Elizabeth, glad you had fun!

I've spent tge daycleaning concrete dust off shelves in unfinished part of basement, sigh...l'd rather be sewing.

Comment by Mary Moore yesterday

Paul gets hip replacement on the 1st.  Should give me a day of knitting time?

What a fun day Elizabeth!!!

Comment by Linda Koller yesterday

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Hope your day was extra special and you had a good time with all those wonderful plans you had.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Thursday

Thank you, Ginny.  I feel so lucky!

Comment by Ginny Andersen on Thursday

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Enjoy your special day! 


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