If you're a REAL quilter, you have at least one UFO (unfinished object) and one WIP (work in progress) stashed in the closet or stacked on a shelf. Maybe you just need quilting suggestions, or maybe a fresh eye from a new online friend can help with block arrangements. How about a UFO swap? Any UFO conversation is welcome.

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Comment by Deanna Davis on Sunday

Forgot to ask:  for all of us that do Quilts of Valor / Honor ... does anyone have the Moda pattern Home of the Free Because of the Brave ?  It was designed by one of the girls @ Moda as she is a marine mom (as I am).  Please let me know!  Thanx!

Comment by Deanna Davis on Sunday

Sports has been on all afternoon at our house, so after we ate, I ran outside to play in the dirt instead of sew. We are s'posed to get another freeze tonight, so I had dug up a bin full of iris yesterday at a friend's, so I split them between the daffodils that have come up on the west side of the garage. Funny, in planting them I am thinking there were iris there that the previous owner took with them.  She takes them out, I put some back in. The neighbor boy was looking at me funny and I am think I read his thoughts  lol

Barbara, prayers for your brother ...

Now I will sew .. it is now basketball .. I have had my fill of this today .. 

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Sunday

Thanks Dee!!

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Sunday

This came from my sister in law yesterday. Please pray.

Barbara,  Hi.  Thursday evening Dave severed the 4 fingers on his right hand while using our log splitter. We were at the hospital within 20 minutes... they evaluated him and they said there was nothing they could do for  him there and sent him via ambulance to U of M hospital where he was in surgery for nearly 9 hours (10:30pm til just after 7am yesterday). He fractured bones in all of his hands - 2 on his pinky.  The good news with that finger is none of his arteries or veins were compromised. They couldn't save the end of his index finger,  but found arteries, nerves and veins to repair on his ring and middle finger. He's not out of the woods yet though. His arteries are doing a good job of sending out blood,  but his veins are having trouble keeping up with the return blood flow. He's on a regimen where they scrape the nailbeds on those two fingers every hour and apply heparin to avoid clotting and congestion. It's progressing but slowly. Please play for improved blood flow in those two fingers!

Comment by Deanna Davis on Sunday

Barbara, been there done that. Still have deteriorating disks, but can still move. I have a stability ball that I use for stretching over that helps when it is truly painful. Prayers for pain to be eliminated.

I finally finished the stitching on Cooper yesterday, now burying tails on this section, and getting ready to square and add a flange binding .. bringing red from frame on back to the front.  <happy dance>  Will take a pic at this next stage. Then I have to get started on the next baby quilt tops .. going to send 2 to the longarmer at the same time while I work on the next two .. 

<back @ it!> 

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Sunday

Friday it rained the entire day, Saturday it was a freezing rain sleet, Sunday all snow here about 12 inches so far and it is suppose to continue all day. North of us has much more.

Thanks so much for the prayers, Linda. 

Comment by Linda Koller on Sunday

Mary, what Carla said.

Barbara, hope you are feeling better each day. Keeping you in my prayers.

Riana, love your zebra! Please remain safe and don't take any chances.

Comment by Gail Brown on Sunday

Riana, glad you are safe and out of the weather.  This has been the craziest weather I have ever seen in my life.  By the way, I love your zebra.  We've always got some kind of project in our hip pocket where ever we go.  Stay safe.

Comment by carla j walton on Sunday

Elizabeth love your quilt. Ginny of MSQC just posted a new quilt using a jelly roll that is similar to this. She called it a key hole quilt. I may have to make one. I have so many of both loose strips and jelly rolls. 

Comment by carla j walton on Sunday

Mary, I don't think machine quilting thread is as heavy as true hand quilting thread or at least not any I have. My old hand quilting thread could be used for fishing but the machine quilting thread is very strong. Plenty strong enough though I still don't feel as strong as hand quilting. But since the machine stitches are much closer together and interlocked it doesn't need to be as strong. That's just my opinion though. 


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