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Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Thursday

Hi Everyone,

I went into the hospital yesterday and was told that the decision had been made to send Doug home if all the tests proved O.K.  I guess he had been acting up there and the nurses wanted to banish him from sight!  No, I'm just being silly.  He had the most wonderful nurse - she looked about 16 and was so helpful and efficient.  I think they place the best nurses in the Heart Institute. So I brought him home and cooked him dinner.

Carol, I think the valves are still from pigs or cows.  It is just there is a new method of implantation where it does not entail open heart surgery.  It is good that a heart problem was eliminated for your Father.  Wishing him better health with the new diagnosis.

Comment by Carol Johnson on Thursday

Good Morning!  And Thank you :)

Elizabeth, my Mom was there in 2010. She had a pig valve put it LOL Funny how what works eh? My Dad had been undergoing some tests there too, and just yesterday got the confirmation that the problem he is having is NOT his heart - WOO HOO!

Mary, I can't even begin to imagine all the things that must be running through your mind right now. Too bad you couldn't just bury all your precious treasures in the back yard for safe keeping, but I would imagine that the heat would get to them there too :( Riana had a good idea with the trailer though... I pray that you will be spared from the destruction. If I could send you all the rain that we are supposed to be getting this weekend I would!

Take care all, I'm off to work now...

Comment by Linda Koller on Thursday

Praying for you Mary and all those in the path of fires and other disasters.

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Thursday

Beautiful Lone Star Carol. Looks like another fun quilt Riana.                             Riana has some good ideas. So sorry for those who have lost everything. It seems every year something very hard hits. Please be careful and prepared It's hurricane season. Our prayers are with you.

Comment by Riana Noyes on Wednesday

Mary, my heart goes out to you...l can't begin to imagine the insecurity let alone the air pollution.Our daughter with her baby & hubby are safely settled recently in Santa Cruz...but they almost bought a home in Santa Rosa. What if you parcelled up your favorite quilts ( and what about the tapestries?) and UPS them to a safe location with a friend? You could get them sent back afterwards... As far as your pets are concerned, l'm sure if you hook up your trailer to your vehicle " at the ready", so to speak, you could quickly put them in & leave; have it packed & ready with food, water, litter. 

Comment by Ginny Andersen on Wednesday

What a terrible cloud hanging over you all there in CA. Vent all you want, Mary! We can't do much but pray and keep good thoughts for you. Maybe a little preventative storing at a safe location of special quilts and personal treasures, for a time, rather than having to pick only bare bones articles in an emergency situation? 

Comment by Mary Moore on Wednesday

Good news Elizabeth.

Fun projects Carol and Riana.

Feeling depressed by the fire news, the slowness of help for many of the Hurricane victims, and my limited ways to help.  One of the recent fires almost caused the local animal shelter to evacuate-we were on the wrong side to help if needed.  Friends getting on Facebook talk about their evacuations.  Waking up in the night to another dry wind starting and wondering when-not if we will be asked to leave our home. The constant smell of smoke keeps your mind there. How to pack up the dogs and cats.  What one quilt to take??  Sorry to vent like this.  People here try not to discuss what is on all our minds.

Comment by Ginny Andersen on Wednesday

Love your Halloween quilt, Riana! The softer colors are very appealing to me!

What a lovely Lone Star, Carol! That is quite an accomplishment to finish the top so fast! 

So thankful to hear your husband is doing well, Elizabeth. It is such a blessing to have a facility so close for you. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canada members! 

Comment by Linda Koller on Wednesday

Elizabeth, good news! Happy to hear your hubby is doing well.

Carol, beautiful quilt! The touches of (pink (or red?)) make it sparkle.

Riana, love your quilt too! I love anything fall.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Wednesday

Thank you, Carol and Deanna.  Last night was my first night alone for a long time and I was a little uneasy that the balcony door would not lock.  I called our Sup this morning and he adjusted it and it is working well.  He doesn't have to do chores like that because this is a condo but he is so good to all the residents, especially helpless old ladies! LOL

Yes, Carol Hubby is in the Heart Institute.  It is a world class medical centre and we are so lucky it is here in Ottawa.  When did your Mom have her valve replaced?  Did she have a TAVI, the new procedure where the Drs. go in through the groin or side of the chest?

I love your Lone Star!  Where did you take the course?  Do you do your own machine or hand quilting?  Or do you send your quilts to the LLAQ?


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