It's time to use up that "Christmas Red" we all have left over.

Size: no wider than 16" and no longer than 52"

Colors: Red, Pink, White and Valentine Prints

Material: Anything you have stashed away or want to buy (just make sure you can't see through it)

Design: Pieced Blocks or Applique

Signup Deadline: Sunday Jan 6th

Table Runners must be to me no later than Jan 26th (so as you can have your new one by Feb 1st).

Place your runners in a Plastic ziplock bag (to protect from being damaged in the mail), along with a Self addressed and stamped envelope and mail them to:

Troi Sutton

193 Highwood Dr

Libby, Mt  59923

1. Connie Leydig - rcvd

2. Laura Marx - rcvd

3. Troi Sutton - rcvd

4. Hope Harris - rcvd

5. Barb Evans McGinnis- rcvd

6. Mary Aldrich - not available

7. Melanie Keith - not available

8. Verona Young - rcvd

9. Diana Engdahl - rcvd

10. Darala Doby - rcvd

11. Sue-Anne Walker - rcvd

12. Kathy LeBlanc - rcvd

13. Cheryl Laughlin -rcvd



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awesome, hummm think i will do umm well decisions, decisions,  think i will use applique,  need to get back to doing moreof it, asgot to do my Albania sue  this month,  also, anddoing a paper piece for small block, notsure i want to do that much again, so ilove applique and oh the fun,  Love adn Hearts, so cool, love it, and my favoritecolor issince i have been a very young child RED and then as of about age 5 i had to add purple, since then its been red adn purple  and , so  im good wiht this  all the way, love it all, so cool,  will get myfabrics out tomorow, got to get someprintingdone, and get the pattern togather, of what im going to do,

I am off to my fabric stash to see what jumps out at me and lands on my cutting board. What a great swap to start off the new year!!

HI I would like to join this valentines table runner swap. But I have a few questions? I have never done one of these before so please help me! I see size, color, material and design, how many do I make? There are 10 people in the group? Do I need to make ten or one? Please help? Thanks

Sue-Anne you only make one. When they are all finished I put them in a bag and draw one out of the bag to go with the name on the list I've pulled. And welcome to the Swap.

Thank you , I will get started now.

Is this just the top or do we quilt them? Thanks Barb

Top and Bottom. One complete Table Runner.

I would like to join as well. Hopefully I haven't missed the deadline, it is 10:38 p.m. my time so if I can I will join. I enjoyed the Christmas runner swap and look forward to this.

you're on the list Kathy.

ok i have all my fabric together and will start cutting for the blocks this weekend here are my fabric pics as a peek into what im making

Great fabric Hope!! I have mine pieced, just have to layer it and off it goes in the mail. Can't wait to see what comes back!!

I worked on the Valentine Table Runner today and got the top done then basted it, but, when I started free motion quilting it something on my machine messed up, the needle broke then the tension on the back went crazy, sooooo now I have to rip it all out and hand quilt it. I was having a good time until things got messy. LOL, but I'm still pretty proud of it.



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