We all know what it's like to go to the fabric store and buy a piece of fabric, only to get it home and say "Yuck, why did I buy this? What was I thinking?”

Here are the specifics for this swap and challenge:

1. Participants must sign up no later than January 30th. Mail by February 6th.

2. Take 1 yard of fabric you can't believe you bought

Cut it into: one - 1/2 yd piece (18 inch by WOF)

one - 1/4 yd piece (9 inch by WOF)

two - 1/8 yd pieces (4 1/2 by WOF)

3. Place material in a plastic bag, along with your name and address and marked washed or unwashed. Enclose a self addressed envelope with postage to have your “Yuck” Kit mailed to you.

Your material should be mailed to me no later than February 6th.

4. Your “Yuck” kits will be made up and mailed out to you the first business day after I receive the last kit.

Each kit will include one –1/2 yd of Suzie Q’s material

one – 1/4 yd of Stitchin Samantha’s material

and two 1/8 yd pieces of material from two other participants.

5. Your challenge is to make ANYTHING you want out of your “Yuck” Kit.

All 4 pieces HAVE to be used

You can add other material

6. Deadline for completion is March 1st. Private message me when you have completed your project and we can do the big reveal all at the same time.

7. You can enter as many times as you want (great way to get rid of those ‘Yuck’ pieces that stare at you saying “use me, use me” and you reply “NO you’re too ugly”). Just remember to package each entry in a separate plastic bag, and to make sure you send enough postage for each entry. Example: if you send two bags of material, you need to send enough postage to have two “Yuck Kits” mailed back to you.

Friend me and send me a message and I'll send you my mailing address.
Connie Wilkerson

1. Connie Wilkerson -Received Completed

2. Linda Kaskla Received

3. Ethelda Hillsman Received Completed

4. Carla Walton Received Completed

5. Deb Kozel Received Completed

6. Beth North Received (2 sets)

7. Connie Wilkerson (2nd Kit)Received Completed

8. Rebecca Schmitt Received Completed

9. Chef Lisa Received

10. Mary-Anne Buist Received Completed

11. Gayle Clements Received Completed

12. Ginny Lunsford Received Completed

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Replies to This Discussion

Connie I love a challenge but with my show next month I can't do this one. I will do the next. Would love to do it!

this challenge sounds great!

That is all cool Chef.  If there is interest I may hold a couple of these a year.  We all have ugly fabric.

hmm, will ck stash and see what I have. then let you know Ms. Connie.

Come on Gayle I know you have an ugly yard in there somewhere. :)

ok, Connie I am in, definitely have some "I do not know what to do with fabric"

I think this sounds fun.  Count me in!

Got you down Linda.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Count me in. I have just the fabric for it and I feel really sorry for whoever receives it. Please accept my apologies!

Oh now Ethelda, one quilter's ugly is another quilter's gorgeous :)


I haven't been on here in so long ,but this caught my eye. I will go look and probably join up!

Come on and join Ginny we have lots of fun :))


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