Spring  is in the air, our sewing rooms are tempting us while outdoor activities beckon.  How about a Sew Much Fun block to keep those sewing rooms company over the summer months?  Anything sewing room related would work, sewing machines, needle and thread, dress forms, the ideas are endless !!!  These block would be great for a wall quilt so embellishments could really add to your blocks and the size leaves plenty of room to add personal touches to the finished quilt.. Everyone would make 12 identical blocks (1 to keep and 11 to share).  Sign up by May 5th, blocks need to be to me by June 20th so they can be mailed back out by June30th.  This one will run a bit longer than the usual month so it will hopefully fit with busy Spring schedules.  

This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.

SIZE: 6.5 inches un-finished blocks

 NUMBER OF SQUARES: It takes 12 blocks for a quilt, make 12, keep one, send 11 in and you will get 11 back  

FABRICS: Whatever fits the theme just make sure you use a quilt shop quality fabric ( NO SEE THROUGH FABRIC)

 DESIGN:  Anything that fits the theme---- let's make this a fun quilt so take embellishments are fine, just make sure if you add some that the block can still be washable. It would be great if you sign your block in some way so everyone knows who they are from.

 TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, applique, free form, touches of embroidery, embroidery machine.

SWAP METHOD: Centralized. That means your  blocks will be sent to me - ( send me a friend request so I can send you my address if you don't already have it.)

 POSTAGE:Along with your blocks send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send the blocks back to you.

 SIGN UP DEADLINE:   May 5th .The goal is to have 12 joiners or more so that you will get back 11 different blocks.  

 SIGN UP:    To sign-up post a comment to this discussion and send me a friend request if I am not on your friends list.Once you are signed up I will message you my address and you can do the same through a MQP message. It is a good idea not to post your address in the discussion because anyone, even those not in the swap can see it.

   MAIL IN DEADLINE:  ALL blocks must be in my hands by June 20th.  If you can get them done early, send them!  

 If you join and can not complete your blocks please notify me as soon as possible so the rest of the group is not waiting on your blocks. If life happens to throw a curve ball your way it is ok to cancel out, there's always next time! Remember to check back often for info and updates!!

If I have left anything out, or you have any questions,  please ask!


1. Mary Aldrich---------------Scissors

2. Vicky Bujnak-----------withdrawn 

3. Beth North---------------Scrap pile---------------------------------------------RECEIVED

4. Sharon Gallegos--------Vintage Singer sewing machine--------------RECEIVED

5. Chef Lisa-----------------Sewing basket--------------------------------------RECEIVED

6. Wilma Schirra-Kays----Sewing bike----------------------------------------RECEIVED

7. Carla Walton-------------Button jar--------------------------------------------RECEIVED

8. Kenya Hampton------------------------------------------------------------------RECEIVED

9. Jean McCusker---------Sunbonnet stitcher -------------------------------RECEIVED

10.Myrna Crouch-------------------------------------------------------------------RECEIVED

11.Connie Wilkerson-----Sewing sign post--------------------------------RECEIVED

12.Mary-Anne Buist------Sewing fairy----------------------------------------RECEIVED

13.Chris Michelle---------Pin cushion -----------------------------------------RECEIVED



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we have tried in every way we know to contact her and gotten no reply. we have also offered to take over if she is not able. still no reply. I know several people who feel the same way you do. 

I know others have tried to resolve this Carla. My issue is the complete lack of communication from Mary. It is frustrating for those of us involved who mailed our blocks and have received nothing. Not much we can do but wait, but I am really irritated at this point. Rant over (for today).

I mailed her a letter a couple days ago. that will exhaust all means of communication that I am aware of. I will tell you this though. I will not join another unless there is a date of completion that is honored regardless of the ''issues'' that come up. if someone can't make it then they should bow out or if SEVERAL can't be on time then it should be rescheduled with all in agreement for another date that will be honored. joining a swap is an obligation to complete on time for me. like any other agreement. so I totally understand and agree with your comments. 

Amen sister
I'm not even sure Mary had done a swap before this.
I go along with Chris M. It wouldn't take long to mail pkgs back before her vacation. She could have mail ours out when her machine was done and then sent hers later. That is what I have done.
I really enjoy the block swaps!

I just figured I'm not going to see these blocks.
I hope we can all do swaps again with a different hostess perhaps. I really enjoy doing them. This has been incredibly frustrating

Just to let you know - I posted this on Mary's Facebook page today........................

I hope that works :)

Well, you are facebook then.  So what I did is went onto her page, and send a message to her daughter to see if she can give us any information regarding the disappearance of Mary.  I did notice on Mary's facebook page, she has not commented there recently either.  This does concern me. 

If I remember correctly, you all don't have your mug rugs then that I made for you.  Oh bummer.

"Sew," this hasn't been much fun.  I'm with Gayle's suggestion that those of us who pray, keep Mary Aldrich in our prayers and that we now figure out a way to make lemonade.  I bought fabric for this swap.  Usually, I wait until after the blocks arrive.  It's just straight pins on beige fabric and it has sat so long now that I am not even sure how much I bought.  If you message me your address, I will send you a piece of it.  It can be your start on a sewing themed something for your sewing room.  I'm betting we can pick up the pieces here and make some thing that will remind us of how much fun this started out when we first began swapping... I have my block  that I intended to share with you and a few remnants of other sewing projects fabrics and I am going to do some thing with them.  And I hope you send me your addresses so I can send you a bit of fabric.  Maybe by the time we finish our little projects we will find out what happened to Mary.  

In fact, I will send you a little something extra.  First responders get the best surprises.

Just got back from vacation and was hoping .... since I was gone 35 days .... the swap would be here. Reading this, I see things are still not finalized. I hope she is okay. As is her family. I will continue to follow. Like you all, I would be interested in another swap. Once things quiet down in my life, I would be happy to host a swap. While we were gone, my almost 95 yo MIL fell and broke hip. Had surgery and now in slow (very slow) recovery. On the same night, my 96 yo mother fell. Sister sent text she was ok, just a sore butt! She tries to walk instead of using her wheelchair. This all happened the last 10 days of our trip...can tell you internet on a ship while out to sea is not great.

Jean, thanks for the offer. I will message you. If you look in my photo files you will see a RxR that I made into a table runner. If you would like, I can send anyone who wants a copy of it. I also have 2016 and 2017 which are on a very similar theme. Just Message me your address...I am going to try and scan it, so can either mail or email it. The 3 years would make a great sewing quilt.


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