Spring  is in the air, our sewing rooms are tempting us while outdoor activities beckon.  How about a Sew Much Fun block to keep those sewing rooms company over the summer months?  Anything sewing room related would work, sewing machines, needle and thread, dress forms, the ideas are endless !!!  These block would be great for a wall quilt so embellishments could really add to your blocks and the size leaves plenty of room to add personal touches to the finished quilt.. Everyone would make 12 identical blocks (1 to keep and 11 to share).  Sign up by May 5th, blocks need to be to me by June 20th so they can be mailed back out by June30th.  This one will run a bit longer than the usual month so it will hopefully fit with busy Spring schedules.  

This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.

SIZE: 6.5 inches un-finished blocks

 NUMBER OF SQUARES: It takes 12 blocks for a quilt, make 12, keep one, send 11 in and you will get 11 back  

FABRICS: Whatever fits the theme just make sure you use a quilt shop quality fabric ( NO SEE THROUGH FABRIC)

 DESIGN:  Anything that fits the theme---- let's make this a fun quilt so take embellishments are fine, just make sure if you add some that the block can still be washable. It would be great if you sign your block in some way so everyone knows who they are from.

 TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, applique, free form, touches of embroidery, embroidery machine.

SWAP METHOD: Centralized. That means your  blocks will be sent to me - ( send me a friend request so I can send you my address if you don't already have it.)

 POSTAGE:Along with your blocks send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send the blocks back to you.

 SIGN UP DEADLINE:   May 5th .The goal is to have 12 joiners or more so that you will get back 11 different blocks.  

 SIGN UP:    To sign-up post a comment to this discussion and send me a friend request if I am not on your friends list.Once you are signed up I will message you my address and you can do the same through a MQP message. It is a good idea not to post your address in the discussion because anyone, even those not in the swap can see it.

   MAIL IN DEADLINE:  ALL blocks must be in my hands by June 20th.  If you can get them done early, send them!  

 If you join and can not complete your blocks please notify me as soon as possible so the rest of the group is not waiting on your blocks. If life happens to throw a curve ball your way it is ok to cancel out, there's always next time! Remember to check back often for info and updates!!

If I have left anything out, or you have any questions,  please ask!


1. Mary Aldrich---------------Scissors

2. Vicky Bujnak-----------withdrawn 

3. Beth North---------------Scrap pile---------------------------------------------RECEIVED

4. Sharon Gallegos--------Vintage Singer sewing machine--------------RECEIVED

5. Chef Lisa-----------------Sewing basket--------------------------------------RECEIVED

6. Wilma Schirra-Kays----Sewing bike----------------------------------------RECEIVED

7. Carla Walton-------------Button jar--------------------------------------------RECEIVED

8. Kenya Hampton------------------------------------------------------------------RECEIVED

9. Jean McCusker---------Sunbonnet stitcher -------------------------------RECEIVED

10.Myrna Crouch-------------------------------------------------------------------RECEIVED

11.Connie Wilkerson-----Sewing sign post--------------------------------RECEIVED

12.Mary-Anne Buist------Sewing fairy----------------------------------------RECEIVED

13.Chris Michelle---------Pin cushion -----------------------------------------RECEIVED



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They sure fit mine.

Sold, I will take one, they are wonderful and perfect for me.

Love your blocks Chef!! They will look great the others

Very nice. Love them and you just take your time.

I love them Chef. You always put such care into your pieces.

I should hopefully be able to get the blocks in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. Sorry for the delay. It seems my machine hates this brand of embroidery thread I bought. I bought a box of 60 colors of thread and don't know if I am going to be able to use it now. It seems to love Isacord. ...

don't you hate that? I've gotten where I ''test'' one small spool of thread before I trust it to work. sometimes it requires a different needle size or brand even....to get through it.

What brand of thread?  Did you use it in bobbin as well as top? 

I am in no hurry at all.  Take all the time you need.  

I finally finished my MIL quilt, will post photos later when can, and now to do a customer quilt so I can get to the garden which needs weeded, flower beds, and potted plants.  Funny how things pile up.  Our home computer went down so I am having to take care of that.  Been having some emotional issues at work, then daughter is moving out.  Best thing ever is hubby saying and thanking me he had a wonderful Father's Day.  Whew, something was done right.  Then all this before we go on vacation and I still have all the packing and crud to do before we leave, only to realize I want to squeeze in the Row by Row before I leave as well.  I know, where is my wonder woman inside?  Good movie by the way.

Wonder Woman....when I was raising my kids I thought I had to be Wonder Woman based on working full time, sport participation and a husband who decided he did not want to be married. Now the kids are 49 and 44...we are retired and I don't worry about anything anymore. Hubby #2 and I have been married almost 21 years. After being single for 17 years people thought I was crazy. Oh well, he is a good guy and allows me to partake in all my hobbies. And, he listens when I yell at my machine. Hope to get stuff in mail tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, Wilma.  Glad you don't have to be Wonder Woman anymore.  Glad I don't have to be either, though the only thing that drove me was my thinking, not circumstances. 

I put my block in the mail this morning. Estimated delivery date is Friday. Sorry for the delay.


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