Patchwork Christmas in July block swap.  Patchwork or paper piecing, no applique or embroidery involved except for decoration purposes.   You choose the pattern you want to use, just make sure the fabric is Christmas prints. Blocks will need to be mailed to me by July 1st.  

Each participant will need to make 12 blocks.  The blocks need to be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".   Keep one for yourself and mail the others to me with a self addressed stamped envelope to receive your return blocks.  There is no limit to the number of participants as long as you get your blocks to me by July 1st. When you send in your 11 blocks, you will get back 11 blocks.  You may not get one from each participant, but you will get back 11 different blocks.


1. Kathy Gurgone - completed (2)

2. Anna Quilts

3. Linda Kaskla - received

4. Donna Rosengarten - received (2)

5. Chris Michelle

6. Connie Wilkerson

7. Carla Walton - received

8. Beth North - received

9. Kenya Hampton

10. Delphine Barnes

11. Libster - received

12. Wilma Schirra-Kays - received (2)

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Bless you, one and all: Rogue, Kathy, Karla, hubbies, et al.  Sending you hugs.  Offering prayers for patience and moments of peace.  Thank you for sharing.  And thank you for being examples of love in this world that so needs to be loving

I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s pain. That is so hard to deal with. 

Finished and ready to mail.  Hope to get address in next day or so and I will run them down to post office.  I am sending both sets...Christmas is a coming!

I sent you a friend request so that I can send you my address.

Accepted this morning.  Ready to mail items when addy received.  Fir some reason I thought you were on my friends list....these senior moments have to

I find it strangely comforting to find out that when you think you are alone in dealing with something like a partner's or parent's chronic illness, that there are other women out there who are dealing with the same issues. Who actually understand exactly what it is that you are going through.

People that you think of as your best friends have all but disappeared from our lives, not understanding or tolerating what we are dealing with.  But then a relative group of strangers, who all share a hobby, can actually have honest, supportive conversations on what and how they are dealing with these issues.

Thank you for being here, and being supportive.  I usually don't talk about what is going on for fear of losing any other contact with people by boring them with my trials and tribulations.  But it is nice to know that there are still friends who do understand, even if we have not met one another.

I agree. And we get the added bonus of having the same hobby. 

Absolutely...or as one of my cat loving friends says “purrrfect”

Sending you a hug.  I so agree!

These are still in stage two, assembly.  Have not gotten back to them yet.  Hoping to get in mail by end of week, we shall see.  I have to get them done before vacation.

Ok, Christmas in July is headed to GA.  Will send note with tracking number, is supposed to get there on Saturday.

My Stars are done and ready to ship! I have so many quilts to work on and finish I really just needed to get these done so I wouldn't feel pressured to complete them on time. Should go in the mail next week.


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