Holiday Magic would include snowmen or women, snowy trees, snowflakes, sleds, children sledding, etc. 

This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.

SIZE: 12.5 inches un-finished blocks


NUMBER OF SQUARES: It takes 12 blocks for a quilt, make 12, keep one, send 11 in and you will get 11 back  

FABRICS: Whatever fits the theme just make sure you use a quilt shop quality fabric


DESIGN:  Anything that fits the theme---- let's make this a usable quilt so take it easy on the embellishments or make sure if you add some that the block can still be washable. It would be great if you sign your block in some way so everyone knows who they are from.


TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, appliqué, free form, touches of embroidery.

SWAP METHOD: Centralized. That means your  blocks will be sent to me - ( send me a friend request so I can send you my address if you don't already have it.)


POSTAGE:Along with your blocks send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send the blocks back to you.


SIGN UP DEADLINE:   November 10th The goal is to have 12 joiners or more so that you will get back 11 different blocks.  


SIGN UP:    To sign-up post a comment to this discussion and send me a friend request if I am not on your friends list.Once you are signed up I will message you my address and you can do the same through a MQP message. It is a good idea not to post your address in the discussion because anyone, even those not in the swap can see it.


MAIL IN DEADLINE:  ALL blocks must be in my hands by December 1st..  If you can get them done early, send them!  


If you join and can not complete your blocks please notify me as soon as possible so the rest of the group is not waiting on your blocks. If life happens to throw a curve ball your way it is ok to cancel out, there's always next time! Remember to check back often for info and updates!!

If I have left anything out, or you have any questions,  please ask!

1. Connie Wilkerson

2. Rebecca Schmitt - Received

3. Linda Kaskla - Received

4. Beth A. North - Received - 2 sets

5. Gayle Clements - Received - 2 sets

6. Carla Walton - Received

7. Chef Lisa

8. Kenya Suzanne Hampton - Received

9. Gayle Clements set #2

10. Beth A North set #2 - Received

11. Chef Lisa set #2

12. Coralie Wallace - Received

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mail is running VERY slow!! it took a week to get some of the 1895's home and that was three weeks ago. can't imagine hoe slow it is now.

Sorry I just had normal delivery, the mail lady could not give me tracking. I found out from her I can do it from my computer n they will pick it up. Now I know why it cost so much for postage.

Carla its the "pony express". Lol

I don't think I ever posted the pics of my blocks. Here is the one for the main group
And here is the one for our very lovely ladies that agreed to do two sets

Connie, they are both very nice snowmen, thank you.

LOVE THIS! I love that batik. I think I have some of that.

Omg Connie still has not received my blocks, I think those horses are on Polar time n they have aged. I'm still trying to keep warm, we have a few more days of cooler temps. It will be over casted so the sun can't warm us up, my body is not liking this at all.

Connie called me this morning to tell me my package finally arrived.  I was so upset I did not know what to do. Thank you Connie for calling me, that will surely put my mind at ease. Poor Connie she was more upset then I was. 

I bet that's right! ...for BOTH of you!

Glad it showed up finally.  That is such a relief.

Thanks for being so patient girls. 


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