Hello Ladies...here we go>>>>>> off to another start of more fun with FABRIC for us all. Its great to see there are so many getting in on this swap.  I wish some of you from joining in the group earlier on, would join us also. Feel free to jump in girls. Ok...heres the rules my sweet friends..


Of course it is the pretty bright and pastel easter colors..PLEASE make sure you have something that says "Easter" in your fabrics. this makes it more exciting for the person getting your fq. As you have gotten to know me by now...I don't like drab fabrics. I guess when I think of holiday fabrics I want to see those bright and beautiful colors at that time. Please send at least one easter print fq along with your other 2 fqs. thank you ladies.


Sign up By:  March 6th  (SIGN UP IS CLOSED)

My received Date: March 15th (have to me by this time)

  1. Pretty Easter fabrics
  2. Send me 3 FQ's (3 diff. ones)
  3. Send a Self addressed/Preposted Envelope inside your package of Fqs you are sending.
  4. Place your Fq's in separate plastic bags with your Name and address on them or on a piece of paper inside each one.
  5. Please send fabrics that are of good quality. As we have stressed before...no one wants to get fabric you can see thru. so send fq fab. quality that you would like to get.
  6. I will send my address to you. I do not like posting my address on the discussion board.  It isn't a good idea to do that. To each host their own tho.

Make sure to DOUBLE CHECK this list before sending, or heading to the post office. its always a good idea.. ;o)

If I've missed something...plz let me know girls..ok?

"Miss absent minded" here...lol.

ok girlies...lets have some fun shall we. I always get excited to see so many join in. ta ta.



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ok i am in woo hoo my granddaughter gets excited when we get fabric...

Please count me in!

You can add me too please.

I want to join please.  Thank you

Okie dokie ladies...I have you on the list. 

ok i want in, loving it for sure,

Ok Darala I'll be looking for them.

ohhhhhh Darala.......I got your pkg of goodies today. such pretties in it too. You sent 4 tho...I will trade u with the extra one you sent if you like. or i can send one of them back to you....its up to you. have a great weekend.

Hi Diana I need your address! I have had trouble finding easter fabric at my quilt store, they don't have any. So is it ok if I send my pretty Easter fabric that I did find? Thanks

ok...thats fine. As long as you did find atleast one easter fabric..that would be great. I know alot of the girls don't like walmart fabrics or joanne fabrics...but there are alot of us who don't mind either. As long as its not see thru and a really weavy fabric with less thread count. I'm sure you know what i mean.  Theres alot of things we can use the cheaper fabrics in. So anyway...I will send my addy to your "Inbox" . I don't like displaying my addy to the world.  Have a good day Sue...I'll be looking for your pretties. 

hi diane minewent out fri headed your way, wanted to let u know,

I received yours Hope...thank you. Very pretty fabs. 


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