Changes to this swap are HERE:

Blocks sent 3/29 - check the photos below in a post dated 4/2 on page 7!


This is some great longarm quilting...see Stephanie Hinsvark's quilt at: 

Time to think about a new swap.  How about an Easter Basket Quil?  Everyone makes 12 blocks with  some type of Easter theme - baskets, eggs, bunnies.  Send in 11 and get back 11 different blocks.

Sign up deadline - January 20, 2013

Receipt deadline - February 28, 2013 ( you should mail the blocks a few days early, to make sure they are received by 2/28/2013)

Colors - Easter/spring pastels - green, yellow, pink, blue, purple

Size - 12.5 x 12.5 inches  UNFINISHED (Make sure of your sizes so that the finished quilt block size is 12 x 12 when assembled)

Method - pieced or applique (search on Easter basket AND quilt for many images) - prefer that each quilter send 11 blocks all the same because that makes it easier to sort, ID and label for all.

Fabrics - Quilt shop quality only (read through some of the discussion below for some good info on fabric quality)

Quilter level - beginner and up - if you are looking for advanced level only, this is probably not your group :)

Format - central mailing - you mail 11 blocks to me and I mail you back 11 different blocks.  You will have to FRIEND me on this site so I can send you my address in a MQP message.  Also, when you send the blocks, include a return envelope with the correct postage for the return.  I have found that the blocks fit into a priority box or envelope that mails for $5.35 each, but you can just include the same amount of postage on the return envelope as it costs to send your blocks (no need to send it priority).  And either send me a MQP message or post on this site when you send the blocks - I will try to keep the site updated with sign ups, receipts and return info.  

Mail back on March 4, 2013  -- if you can't meet the Feb 28 deadline, please don't sign up.  I will be adhering to the deadlines on this one so that people will have time to assemble for Easter, March 31, 2013 (sorry about the deadline, but Easter is SOOOO early this year!).

Thank you, ladies & gents - quilt away!

RECEIVED AS OF 3/11/2013

Chef Lisa - rec'd 12 with stamped envelope

Carol Ann Wojtowicz - rec'd 12 with stamped envelope

Laura Marx

Hope Harris - rec'd 11 with $6

Sharon Hanson - rec'd 11 with $8

Patricia Renee Maxwell - rec'd 10 with $6

Mel Keith - 12 completed

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ok I'm in


[icked out the pattern and went thru my stash of 30's, found just enough for 12 blocks

OOOH- I hadn't thought of using 30's reproduction fabs - that sounds like a good idea!  Time for a roadtrip...


Do you request any type of fabric restrictions other than color of pastels? I run a Batik Swap and it must be Quilt Store quality fabric, JoAnn Fabric and Hancock fabrics just don't work for me. Plus, I like to support my local mom and pop quilt joints. JAT!

I agree with you Chef Lisa

I'd be interested in this swap but only concern and hope is that fabrics will be quilt shop quality only. Also will you consider perhaps if enough are interested having signups by skill level so that we can be more relaxed in our block making as to not worry (at least I do) as much that I might disappoint someone with my block. I have made several small projects and a few bed size quilts but would be pushing it to say that I am beyond a beginner with experience and would hate for someone to end up with a block from me in a collection of expertly made blocks for example.

well i love the idea of this swap, and  have to think on it a bit,  that is a short time, and i will have to order my fabric, as the only place i can go pick it out is walmart and that  is not up to par for some of these ladies, no shop  within reasonable miles of us and we are going to have snow on Monday and Tuesday,  and  a bit early for Easter to be out, but i will be looking for fabric,

also a question, do they all have to be alike, are can they be different, just all Easter

Hope you can buy from any on-line Connecting Threads, Nancy's Notions, Hancock of Paducah (is not the same as Hancock Fabrics), Keepsake quilting, Quilting fabrics, Fons and Porter, Annie's quilting, Shabby fabrics, most of the fabric designer sites have better fabric.

Walmart's fabric is first run, it is not Quilt Store quality, it is OK fabric for crafts and its relatively cheaper. Walmart I buy my toiletries.

JoAnn and Hancock fabrics are second runs. I buy stabilizers here and pins, etc. Specialty fabrics I buy here.

Fabrics from the mill are set in cycles the first run is the thread count is off, the fabric is ascew, the dyes are not correct (spotting and blobs), the stamps or prints are off on the repeats, etc.

Second run is a correction of many of these problems but may have different corrections.

Third runs are the quality that come from your quilt stores.

Test a piece of fabric from Walmart then do the same to a quilt store fabric. The fabric that has a further run will rip straight you will not see blobs (if you do the quilt store is cheating), threads are tighter (no see through 100% cotton fabric). There are other factors too. These are many of the noticeable ones. 

Threads also have the same principles.

You get what you pay for! Is the saying.

yes i know of of these places, i goet much of mine from MSQ,  but i got some batik on a secret pal swap and i an use some that , nad get my fillers form  online,  and yes i do not mind doing shopping online but  u dont get as many good sales, and then there is shipping on each one,  so that does add up, but i do agree aobut walmart being  of lesser grade but i make many things from  the fabric i get from there,  and if you buy clothes from a place like there are other chain sotores the material  quaility on the clothes are like the fabric,  but yes,  i know,  have not done much with some of the others but will be looking for more places , maby somewho can email me when they have the sales like  a person who is walking in offo the street , find, are quilting budddies who live close to some , i have one,  in washington,  but i can sure make  the blocks with  QSQ fabric, 

Hope a good place to get quilt shop quality at a discount price is a thousand bolts and only one ...alot of top names at about 4.95 a yard....check it out..Hope you like it!


Laura has a viable statement. I do think that most people on this site are generally experienced quilters.

I am in if I know the quality of fabric is stipulated in the rules.

I want to be in. and i feel the same as Laura Max, but i enjoy this swaps so. not much time to find material, so raiding my stash..


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