Changes to this swap are HERE:

Blocks sent 3/29 - check the photos below in a post dated 4/2 on page 7!


This is some great longarm quilting...see Stephanie Hinsvark's quilt at: 

Time to think about a new swap.  How about an Easter Basket Quil?  Everyone makes 12 blocks with  some type of Easter theme - baskets, eggs, bunnies.  Send in 11 and get back 11 different blocks.

Sign up deadline - January 20, 2013

Receipt deadline - February 28, 2013 ( you should mail the blocks a few days early, to make sure they are received by 2/28/2013)

Colors - Easter/spring pastels - green, yellow, pink, blue, purple

Size - 12.5 x 12.5 inches  UNFINISHED (Make sure of your sizes so that the finished quilt block size is 12 x 12 when assembled)

Method - pieced or applique (search on Easter basket AND quilt for many images) - prefer that each quilter send 11 blocks all the same because that makes it easier to sort, ID and label for all.

Fabrics - Quilt shop quality only (read through some of the discussion below for some good info on fabric quality)

Quilter level - beginner and up - if you are looking for advanced level only, this is probably not your group :)

Format - central mailing - you mail 11 blocks to me and I mail you back 11 different blocks.  You will have to FRIEND me on this site so I can send you my address in a MQP message.  Also, when you send the blocks, include a return envelope with the correct postage for the return.  I have found that the blocks fit into a priority box or envelope that mails for $5.35 each, but you can just include the same amount of postage on the return envelope as it costs to send your blocks (no need to send it priority).  And either send me a MQP message or post on this site when you send the blocks - I will try to keep the site updated with sign ups, receipts and return info.  

Mail back on March 4, 2013  -- if you can't meet the Feb 28 deadline, please don't sign up.  I will be adhering to the deadlines on this one so that people will have time to assemble for Easter, March 31, 2013 (sorry about the deadline, but Easter is SOOOO early this year!).

Thank you, ladies & gents - quilt away!

RECEIVED AS OF 3/11/2013

Chef Lisa - rec'd 12 with stamped envelope

Carol Ann Wojtowicz - rec'd 12 with stamped envelope

Laura Marx

Hope Harris - rec'd 11 with $6

Sharon Hanson - rec'd 11 with $8

Patricia Renee Maxwell - rec'd 10 with $6

Mel Keith - 12 completed

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Patricia how is you husband? We are praying all will turn out well. Gods Blessings to you and yours!

Yes! I hope all is well.

Sorry I've not been on here very much lately. Was wanting to be sure it was ok to post pictures of the blocks before I did so. I'm still being a ping pong ball bounced all about with my step daughters moving back home to Washington from Tennessee  Turns out the buyers backed out AGAIN at the last minute with buying her lovely home in Tenn. and it looks like another trip East is in my very near future. I would like to post pictures prior to leaving if I don't completly lose my mind before then with the preparations for the trip. I so miss boring days that these are going to give me all the husstle in bustle of 10 holidays all in one long fiasco!!! Oh well life sees it fit to keep us on our toes. Hope all is well and all my best to each of you and my thoughts and prayers are with you Patricia and your husband.

Well, this block swap flopped - so sorry, Ladies! Do you want me to send out what I have?  Still waiting on 2.  If I send what I have today, or rather tomorrow morning, you might be able to do something with them by the end of next week.  Maybe not.    Let me know.  Right now I have 5 sets  I could just mix them up and everyone gets 1 of each and then 7 more blocks.   Let me know....

Melanie have you heard from the other 2 that was on the list? Are they going to send them or not. If they are not commented back to you then just send back what you think will work for us. I was hoping to get a quilt done for my niece. I already told her it would be late. I did not keep any of my blocks so if I get one or two back It will not hurt my feelings. 

You could do 3 blocks each from 4 different people?

hi chef lisa, how many woudl u need, if u can wait till next month i woudl make like 3 for u, if u want to swap later, when things calm down a bit,  i still have lots of the batiks and the brown, and have lots of spring colors,  and bunnies and jgot more easter fabric in after i did the baskets, so jsut letting u know,

Hi Chef Lisa -- I sent my blocks on Saturday.  They have been ready for quite some time.  As you may recall you even responded to my request for an address and you stated that you had Melanie's address from a previous swap. 

You need not worry about me participating in any future swaps. I have tried this twice and this is my last one! 


oops i guess i cant count sorry, but yes i understand,  as the forign doll went bye bye also,  im in no hurry, so whenever u want to send mine is ok with me, i will be making Easter stuff with these later for next year, lol, want to add some eggs adn bunnies and make placemats  and topper,  to share at mothers for a family get togather, are a quilt ,  who knows im jsut not sure yet,  so they will be ufp for now,  lol

OK - so I sent another message out to Laura and Sharon to ask them to contact me directly (included my phone) so we can get this swap wrapped up.  If I don't hear from them by Sunday, will express mail all the blocks on Monday am.


Have a great weekend.  Be "talking" to you all soon!  God bless,


Melaine, I don't care how you handle the blocks, but I will not partake in another swap, if one commits to something like these swaps then one should follow through -without a lot of proding, I really put a lot of effort in my blocks and am really dissapointed 

Hi everyone

Sent off my blocks today -- 11 blocks, a return self addressed envelop and $8 for postage.  Thank you Melanie for finally sending your address.


Melinie I think u are a great hostess and it is not a flop,  the blocks we will recieve will be breautiful and  I am not upset,  i put lots of work in all of my projects and i try to be ontime but lifes got its own agenda here lately but i have kept in touch with my partners and hostesees about me being late , im on other sites as well as this one,  will 2 others,  and love them both, as i do this one,  have friends in all of them, and  oh my at the talent u see  and the inspiration  is awesome,  thank u for hosting this,


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