There has been some interest in doing a dress block swap. There will be a maximum of 12 participants. Each person will do a dress block representative of their birth month for example, if you were born in July, a patriotic themed dress etc. if there are duplicate months you must willing to switch to a month that is not represented. Your finished block size needs to be 12 1/2 inches. If you would like to participate, please respond to this bread by saying "I'm in!" First 11 responses will be the participants. Blocks will be due to me by May 31. Looking forward to seeing the months!

Below are the months that are already been spoken for.  I am flexible to change my month, so if you want to join, say I'm in and the month you would like of the remaining choices.  First come first served!

January Kathy Gurgone

February Kenya Hampton

March Vicki Bujnak

April Carla J Walton

May Mary-Anne Buist

June Connie Wilkerson

July Wilma Schirra-Kays

August Beth A North

September Jean McCusker

October Mary Aldrich

November Chris Michelle

December Cristin McCusker

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That is definitely a keeper.
So cute :))

Vicki,  I mailed my blocks off earlier this week, you should receive them tomorrow.  Thanks, Kathy

my apologies ladies - been so sick...........starting to get on the mend now slowly - my Dresses WILL be in the mail today and will send expedited to Vicki.....Hope that's OK

Hope you are doing alright Mary-Anne.  I do not think we are in a big hurry to get our dresses back, we just have to do the laundry with what we have and we will have something to wear. HA HA HA

Please don't put such pressure on yourself! This is supposed to be fun! Take your time getting them to me. I promise I won't send the quilt police after you. I'm sure everyone will understand if things are a bit delayed in sending. Am I right ladies?!

ok will try this again - it doesn't want to upload my pics......but here's to going to the Post office LOL..... I left them a bit larger for you to trim down before making your quilts.  Had them done long ago - glad I can get the out today!  Now onto the sewing fairies - 4 down 8 to go.......

Your dresses are adorable, Mary-Anne.  I would be pleased to receive any of them.  Hope you didn't go to post office today, since it is  Memorial day.

mailed from Canada Jean so no Memorial Day here.  

Oops, I forgot or forget, if I knew, lol.

adorable Mary Anne!! so glad you are beginning to feel better.

thanks Carla - don't think you can tell from photo but they are applique'd and have batting under them to make them pop


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