Birds remind us that Spring is almost here. Let’s do a 12” block that incorporates a Bird/Birds. It can be any bird you want, make all the same for as many as we have participating. Opening for 12 spots

You will make 12 - 12” bird blocks that will be sent to me on or before April 18. Send blocks with a return self addressed stamped envelope. I will message my address to those who don’t already have it. It must be constructed of quality fabric. It can be done in any method you desire. The background can be what fits with your bird - if you have a Cardinal in winter on a snowy tree branch or bird getting a worm on a spring grassy area. Just remember the bird is the focal point.

You must post your progress on this discussion page.

RULE: you must Post progress or you could loose your spot in the exchange. We have created a great group from our block exchanges in the past. Several have created some wonderful works of art. If you are having troubles you can message me or Carla and/or post on the page and one or several may be able to help let’s make this fun again!

  1. Chef - Pelican*
  2. Carla - Hummingbird*
  3. Connie - Robin*
  4. Mary Anne - Canadian Goose*
  5. Beth - Chickadee, Meadowlark 
  6. Jean - Flamingo or roadrunner*
  7. Wilma - Shabby Chic Birdcage*
  8. Gail - Oreo*
  9. Rosemary Martens*
  10. Kathy - Owl*
  11. Gail C *
  12. Delphine - Peacock*

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Replies to This Discussion

cant wait! 

Got my plan to do my meadowlark, just not much time inbetween work, customer quilts, and taxes.  Will get on them asap though and turned in on time.

My birds flew off to Lisa yesterday, should be there by Monday.

I got your package Gail. Wow what did you do express it?

I sent it priority mail on Thursday afternoon.  They told me it would get to you on Monday.  I'm glad it got there.

looks like the Geese are taking their time on their way to Florida LOL.............the good news is they are all embroidered - just have to add the borders and they will be flying fast by Thursday...........will let you know when they take off :-)

sounds good! 

Have a couple of the birds cut out and ready to fuse.  Overcast and chilly here in Hawaii...go maybe a couple will get finished today.  

Chilly in Hawaii I didn’t think it ever got cold there. 

Yes, chilly by Hawaii standards.  Asked a local about the weather and he explained it like this “there is 2 types of weather in HI.  On top the blanket or under the blanket.  Recently we have under the blanket, with an extra blanket, and a warm body!”  Found that interesting way to explain it.  Had to go buy a pair of light sweat pants. The sun never came out today.

Have 2 bluebirds and branches ready to fuse.  Want everything done so I can machine applique as soon as we get home.  Will have to spend 2-3 days after April 4 to finish up and get in the mail.

How is everyone doing on their blocks?  I can’t wait to see all of them. 

Well I had to take a break we had a major water leak in our kitchen so tomorrow I have insurance here. Hopefully I can get back to them for finishing this weekend. I have family down in two weeks and planning a family cruise to Key West. 


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