Start of a new block exchange!

9" finished - It can be any idea you want to swap. You just need to do all of the same idea.

The backing fabric must be of quality fabric. You will make 11 sent to me to be distributed back to all of you. This will be no different than the swaps we did before.

Deadline to join is Nov. 6, 2017

Message Carla Walton for her address she will receive the mail please make sure you place in your package a return postage envelope. Mailing date before Nov. 30 2017 this is the deadline, if your blocks are not received or you need help message Carla Walton on your reason for a delay. Post comments please to keep everyone abroad of your situation.

Admin: Carla Walton
Please send your pkgs to Carla Walton she will private message her address

1. Chef Lisa
2. Ethelda *
3. Vicki
4. Beth *
5. Mary-Anne *
6. Rebecca *
7. Gail Brown *
8. Wilma *
9. Melanie Keith

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Not a problem for me as long as I get one of Mary-Anne's blocks. :)
My blocks have left Lubbock and will be to you Monday.

Lisa your blocks got here today. so girls I will try to get them back out tomorrow, but if not then Wed. thank you all.

I think the postal service used horse n buggy to get them there! Lol. It seemed like it took longer. Anyway glad you have all of ours. 

Hopefully the next swap we will get a bunch but we will wait till after holidays. 

Start thinking of an interesting theme to start after the new year!

thanks Carla your the BEST! 

If anyone wants an extra sun block from me just let Carla know. 

can't so that Lisa, I already have them all packages up. LOLOL. will go out today or tomorrow. 

no problem! Thanks again for being our host!

all the packages are on their way to you girls so keep your eyes open in about three days or so. I figure it will take that at least with Christmas rush. Mary Anne I owe you some money. could not put it in the package because it was sealed  I figured it would cost much more than it did. will get that out to you soon. 

                                                              HO HO HO.  :)

the packages SHOULD get there Sat. please keep in mind the Christmas rush though.

I'm so excited, can't wait to see what everyone has done.  I have several quilts made with all exchange blocks and they give me a warm feeling just looking at them.  I have one with blocks from England, New Zealand, France and Japan.  To feel that you have this love of quilting to share with others all over the world is kind of a neat feeling.

that is REALLY cool!!! wow.  you guys just be aware that you WILL be getting 2 of your own blocks back because two people were no shows. so sorry.

By the way, Carla I forgot to say a BIG THANK YOU for your time an energy in coordinating the Big Swap.


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