Start of a new block exchange!

9" finished - It can be any idea you want to swap. You just need to do all of the same idea.

The backing fabric must be of quality fabric. You will make 11 sent to me to be distributed back to all of you. This will be no different than the swaps we did before.

Deadline to join is Nov. 6, 2017

Message Carla Walton for her address she will receive the mail please make sure you place in your package a return postage envelope. Mailing date before Nov. 30 2017 this is the deadline, if your blocks are not received or you need help message Carla Walton on your reason for a delay. Post comments please to keep everyone abroad of your situation.

Admin: Carla Walton
Please send your pkgs to Carla Walton she will private message her address

1. Chef Lisa
2. Ethelda *
3. Vicki
4. Beth *
5. Mary-Anne *
6. Rebecca *
7. Gail Brown *
8. Wilma *
9. Melanie Keith

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I received the blocks today n they are going to make a nice addition to my other collections. Thanks girls! 

Thank you Carla for that chocolate bar it was already getting soft. 

oh dear! I'm afraid I didn't think about that you being in southern Florida and all. 

It’s ok it disappeared it was really good. I’ve been craving chocolate so it was perfect. 

Lol I could not get Swiss chocolate delivered to my home. So no chocolate desserts my boys wanted me to show them how to make chocolate boxes for their girlfriends. 

The ornament will go in my others thank you! 

Alas, mine are not here yet.  They are stuck in Texas according to the tracking number.  Well, they just don't want to come home.

Beth I am in Weatherford. Messag me when you get yours please.

Yay - I got mine! Thank you all!!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our swap. It goes to show one bad apple will not stop us from going into the bag for another! 

We will have a new swap after the New Year. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Looking  forward to the next swap.  I was surprised at how few people participated.  Being a "newbie" to the group I looked thru other things that may interest me and was surprised how many were inactive, no posts for a year.  I also have noticed that is the same people pretty much on the active groups, surprising to me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

p.s. I enjoyed the swap.

Yes. You are right

 We use to have a lot more activity but with Facebook groups and the blogs a lot of people do that. Also lots of people have a lot of other things going on. But when you do swap here it is still fun. I think we need to have a strong deadline for joining and ask for at minimum a weekly comment made by each participant. Check in should be mandatory.This will let everyone know that they ate still interested. It will keep everyone from having to make blocks that are not traded. Deadlines must be met etc. 

Gail we had a swap with an active member that went SOUR. 12 members making 12 blocks with no return, makes for a discouraged bunch that put lots of time and creativity into their work. We all need to build this group back up to what it was. We need some creative ideas to jump start the group again. Also there will only be a selected few who will receive blocks for dispersing back to the members. 

Many of us have been swapping for several years now. 

So if you have any ideas just jump right in! 


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