Hello folks, Vicki referred me to you... I recently obtained some quilting stuff, and I am not a quilter at all... so I have no idea what I have got here... I do property clean outs and end up with things sometimes that I must research... I was told one of you fine hand quilters might be able to tell me what exactly I have here... it appears to be part of a hand quilting frame... if so, what am I missing and is there anything that can be done with this alone? Thanks for the help!







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Leah, you have the 3 poles of a hand quilting frame , and a lovely, partially completed quilt. You are missing 2 cross bars ( that the ends sit in ) which should have angled pieces of wood or metal to fit the cogs on the poles. There should also be legs that the cross bars sit on, although a couple of sturdy saw horses could be used instead. You could sell the poles as " parts" ,as someone may be able to make the rest.  Perhaps you can find someone to finish the quilt, if you're interested in it for yourself. Otherwise a church group might be happy to complete it as a charity quilt. From what l can see, it appears to be proper quilt fabric and some well done hand quilting.

Thanks so much Riana, very informative for sure!

Here is my homebuilt machine frame, Leah, just to show you what the cog sits next to. My frame has been altered so l have big plywood ends instead of cross bars, but same principal.


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