I've just been watching a number of videos on using Cricut for cutting fabric.  I've stayed away from getting one because I thought you had to use their cartridges for the designs.  Now I see that you can design your own and send them via USB to the machine for cutting.  Now I'm interested!

Is anyone using a Cricut to cut fabric for applique?  What do you think?  Is it worth it?  Does it do a good job of cutting?

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Do you have to get the most expensive machine to be able to use the USB?  I used my sister-in-law's when I visited last time (for scrapbooking tho) but it was the original one that now is not as expensive as the other two they offer.  I have the Sillhouette cutter for scrapbooking which you don't use cartridges, you use your computer but haven't heard that this one is used for fabric....yet! LOL!


I don't think you have to have the newest machine, but I'm not sure.  there is a program you use from their website that allows you to use your own designs with the machine by USB.   Most of the videos I watched on cutting fabric used sturdy iron-on stabilizer or heat & bond so the fabric would go through the machine.  I'm wondering if freezer paper would work - I'm not sure that it would be 'sticky' enough that the fabric wouldn't come loose while cutting.


Anyway... I'm off to Joann's in a few minutes to get the machine (it's on sale at $50 off ending today).  So... I'll let you know what I find when I start to use it.  I'm sure there will be a learning curve.  :-)

Well... I got the machine and have tested it using paper and fabric.  It cuts like a dream!  I think one will probably go through blades a bit quicker cutting fabric, but so far I'm really impressed.  My brain is running over with ideas.

I used Heat and Bond lite on the back of the fabric, then peeled off the paper and put it on the cutting mat - it stuck to the matt very well.  Then you just tell the machine what to cut and away it goes. then you just peel the fabric off the mat and throw away the scraps and the designs are all ready to iron on.  Neat new toy!   Now I have to learn how to use the program to convert my applique designs to cricut.

Hi Sue,

What Cricut machine do you have.  I would greatly be interested in purchasing one if we can do our own desings and it cuts fabric.  What a wonderful idea.  Thanks!

I m trying to fing out about an acuquilt i thought a cricut was for card making , do you have to buy templates for the acuquilt  ie hexagons hearts etc.? What are the pros and cons.?

For the Accuquiltgo you do have to buy a die to cut each shape and size.  I didn't want to be limited to their sizes and shapes.  It works well for many people - I have a friend that loves hers, but it's not for me.

STOP!!  While the cricut did cut fabric perfectly the company has sued the developer of the third party software that allowed you to do your own designs and it is no longer sold to convert to the cricut format.  The old software will work with the OLD Cricut machines but on any new or updated Cricut machines they have totally locked out the ability to use anything but their designs.  It is going back to Joann's tomorrow as I had even asked their 'cricut expert' about using my own designs and she said it would.

I spent hours today researching the cutting machines and emailing their support departments.  I've now ordered the Silhouette Cameo.  It will allow you to import an image file.  I had a wonderful email back from them within minutes of my first email and they have been very responsive.  The cost of the machine is pretty much the same as the cricut and includes the software.  Since we have no dealer nearby, I ordered it via Amazon on one day shipping so I'll be able to get it on Friday. I'll let you know how it goes.


There is an interesting website that compares many of these cutting machines: http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/    That is where I started my research today.


I just wanted to update on this.  Cricut purchased the company and has now integrated that program into their ecuts products.  You can now copy any line art image or draw your own and send it to Cricut to cut.

The program was called Sure Cuts a Lot.  They have a free SVG website that you can download images as well.

I thought about getting the Cricut, in fact, my hubby almost ordered one for me. But, I decided to stay lower-tech and got the Accuquilt Go! I am happy with it's limitations. They come out with new dies all the time, but I really just wanted to cut accurate basic shapes (I'm a circle, heart and square freak!). I use it mainly for fusible applique, but I cut WITH the backing paper still on the fabric. I'm thinking I might get cleaner cuts longer. If I had a Cricut, I might spend more time looking for designs than using the machine. That's why I forgo using quilt design software and also why I got a simple embroidery machine. I want to be able to use my machines right away, not have to get an education to use them! :)

Remember, with the new Cricut machines you cannot cut anything except their dies.  With many of the other machines you can cut anything you design and send to the machine


The Silhouette Cameo cutter works for cutting fabric and it will cut my designs!  I'm a very happy camper right now.  These two Hawaiian designs were from EQ7 and converted with the basic software from Silhouette and then cut. They are 5" squares.  Great detail and smooth cuts.   Goody goody goody... thinking of all I can do now!

Wow...This would be fantastic!  I had no idea that you could create your own designs for this machine to cut.  I hope someone out there has more information on this feature, if it exists.


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