I have bought several templates over the years and when looking at my drawer I realized that maybe half are used frequently and the rest have never been used. Sort of like stash busting. Do you use them? What are your feelings, just a rotary cutter and ruler? I use the tumbler template most frequently and must admit saw a video today with a new one that has me ready to reach for the credit card, but it only makes two blocks that I know of at this time. How about os differing points of view.

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how about a link riana?
Thank you Riana, I'm going to a search for them now. I like the idea of the handle, it looks like it would be easier to manage.

I broke down and bought the Hex N More Template from Jaybird quilts.  It goes up to an 8 1/2" Hex Crystal and all the varieties of hex shapes within if I use masking tape creatively.  It is making the cutting of freezer paper for English Paper piecing so easy. 

Other templates that I will be using a lot I cut from old fashion X-Ray Film (my sister was a tech and gave me a bunch...which I'm almost out of).

Thanks Al, for starting a good discussion.

mary, you do a lot of, most of, your own patterns/designs. will these precut stencils work for you? otherwise, i agree with you, the multi sized sets are more desirable to me than single sizes. i watched a video this morning on the Quilt Show site of a template cutting tute by sally collins. learned a nice tip about getting even more accurate w making templates for diamonds etc.

Heey Rogue how about a link to that tute? I would like to see it.

hi al. i wrote a discussion this morning. look in the column to the left of the center column (latest activity0 on site home page. or link via here....


last time i checked, a few hours ago, the site was down. i think their server is overwhelmed today, i guess i am not the only one on this planet that got excited about seeing all the fabulous Quilt Show videos for free :) ...but at 45$/yr....free it's gotta be for me.

if the link posted in the discussion opens for you, it's to the search menu page of their video, it's #6102, i think. anyway...it's the only one by sally collins. click search by artist and they are in aphabetical order.

hi al ..site still not working. since i found the correct show number i went another route and finally have found the correct video of sally collins and her tips for making accurate templates. enjoy!

and i have been remiss, al, as mary says ..thank you for starting this great discussion thread! it's good to hear others ideas and techniques and sources, as in mary's post about jaybird quilts & their hex n more template.

for me there are some I literally use every single day and others that are , I admit, still in the package. but mostly because I bought them specifically for a certain quilt. do I need them? probably not, at least not all of them.  I learned with pencil and cardboard and scissors like my grandmother. but they sure look neat hanging on my tool wall. LOLOL.  I feel slightly entitled. I do not smoke, drink or run to the store to buy new clothes every time I turn around. so my money goes to my quilting fun. :)

ditto! ..and to plants, pretty bricks heeheehee


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