I have bought several templates over the years and when looking at my drawer I realized that maybe half are used frequently and the rest have never been used. Sort of like stash busting. Do you use them? What are your feelings, just a rotary cutter and ruler? I use the tumbler template most frequently and must admit saw a video today with a new one that has me ready to reach for the credit card, but it only makes two blocks that I know of at this time. How about os differing points of view.

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l've only used cutting templates once. Beth sent a set along with her wwwwrr quilt's row for the 54/40 or fight blocks. lt did make the process easier. l've been quilting 40 yr. We used to make cardboard templates for most patterns. l've resently been making a rocket block for child's quilt using homemade templates, but now l use thin plastic ( cutting mats from $ store). They worked beautifully.l've never made a log cabin,...still on my "to try someday" list. 

I saw a recent video where the host place a paper template on the fabric then place the ruler over it to make it safer for use with a rotary cutter - something on my list to try.

that's how i use paper templates. i don't worry overmuch about making sturdy templates if they're for a quilt i'm not going to make but once. when you draft/design your own quilt, the quilt size determines the templat size needed. if a one time quilt, the templates will be tossed when completed.
when laying ruler over top of paper template ..you need good light source to ensure that the edge of ruler exactly lines up w edge of paper. just a smidge will throw off accuracy by lots. i also use a narrow piece of blue painters tape to mark where my bottom of hst should align w edge of fabric for cutting triangles.
all of my rulers have that clear self stick stuff on them to prevent sliding. for fussy cutting i used to make window templates ..now i use gridded translucent window templates and mark on it w guide points to ensure exact same image in each patch cut. i also lay ruler over templates made w the translucent gridded template plastic.
i haven't made a log cabin quilt, but did do some log canin/fan combo blocks ..didn't use templates for the logs, just for the different fans. i have read about using the cutting mats fr dollar store, but have'nt seen any in stores around this area. i do small quilts a lot more often than large now, and i use coffee can lids glued to emory paper for templates, or the heavier cardboard from those oversized cereal boxes that hubby buys his ceraeal in.
They come two to a pack, and are normally over by the kitchen tools. They call them cutting mats (chopping veggies). Very easy to cut with a good scissor
a town near me has a new dollar store. i'll check next time i'm over that way. i love dollar stores, had never heard of or seen one before moving here. i haunt their craft, kitchen tools and toys areas ...i find some pretty cool stuff for my grand treasures.

I have lots of "tools" in my arsenol.  I buy rulers and templates that I can make more than one quilt with, at least three.  Since I bought the Accuquilt Go Cutter, I don't use my rulers as much.  I do long arm quilt and have three different sets of rulers that look to do the same, but they do have variances in arc, hand holding, lines for making the stitch in a certain direction. Tools are important to create with.  My new revelation is "don't buy it unless I am going to use it more than three times."  Making a couple of quilts, eh, maybe not.  I have so many quilts cut up with those tools that need to be sewn, I am in a traffic jam.  If you have rulers that have not been used yet, you best get busy with those.  LOL

Now that I back tracked on the discussion, I do not buy many templates.  Lots of rulers though. 

Has anyone purchased templates to do machine quilting on domestic machines? I was looking at them and they look very expensive. I'm wondering about the results and ease, the results look fantastic from the class on Craftsy, but the prices stopped me. Thanks
i agree the prices have slowed me down too ..but i will be buying. there are several sites that you can buy individual templates plus a foot that fits your machine. the main thing is to get a foot that's right for your machine. westalee is the only name that comes to mind right now ..but do a web search for quilting templates for domestic sewing machines. it takes practice. just like free motion on a domestic.

I just got one of those .25" feet. Has a hard metal piece that holds the material in place.  So many of the video folks have them if you watch closely.  I paid $12 for it my wife bought the same one for $1 at WISH.com.

Regina,these rulers from Unique design have peg handles and are designed for sitdown midarm & domestic machines. The strip of velcro on the bottom helps them grip ( though be careful near edge where batting is). You need the ruler foot shown. l use these on my Bailey, but also on my Janome 6500 domestic. There are templates shaped in hearts, circles, etc. as well, you need the ruler foot, and the templates must be 1/4" thick or your hopping foot may end up on top, resulting in broken needle & perhaps some damage.


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