It is time, once again, for one of our week-long stitching bees. 

Read the guidelines in the "Pages" section of this group.  This section is located on the right of your screen underneath the "Members" box.

Sign-up by posting your goals on this discussion thread by Saturday night, March 17.  Since this is only a week-long challenge, keep your daily goals simple so as not to get discouraged if you don't complete all of them.


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Sign me up for this Bee.  Will post goals soon.

O.K., I'm a guppy - see if I can do this Bee and the FUIP at the same time and not get them mixed up!! I'll post my goals in a day or two. And will let you know when I've sent my prize contribution.

You must really enjoy leading these, Suzanne. Thanks for making our day.

Count me in. I need to get some stitching done on some projects and I am hoping this will help.

Goals will be very small.

Get project for Quilt Party done

Stitch binding on wall hanging

I think with all the customer quilts I have in my studio, this will be all that is manageable this week.

I can't seem to find the members list you are talking about Suzanne in order to see what I need to send you.

Rebecca, go to the main page of this group.  One way to get there is to click on the link at the top of the page labelled "Groups".  Scroll through till you find the one "A Quilting Bee"  Then click on it and it will take you to the home page.  On the right side of your screen, you will see a box of avatars listing the members.  Underneath that is the box labelled "Pages" where the guidlines and calendar for all our events is listed.

Hope this helps!

Well I found the guidelines and realize I need to add 6 more projects to my goals so I am off to ponder what I feel I can get done and will  add them later this week.

Suzanne, the prices I will add to the package for the FUIP  FQ and mail it tomorrow

Helpful Hint:  If you are a participant in the MAR/APR FIUP Challenge, use this Stitching Bee to set manageable (sp) goals to towards a FIUP Goal. 

I learned a few months ago to listen to Suzanne's repeated "manageable goals". Keeps the frustration level down while enjoying these fun challenges!! Thanks, Suzanne.

Okay, here are my goals.  1. Quilt 2 sections of my charity quilt. 2. Quilt 2 more sections of my charity quilt. 3. Quilt 2 more sections of my charity quilt.  4. Sew binding on my charity quilt. 5. Hand stitch binding.  6. Hand stitch binding.  7. Hand stitch rest of binding.  I will send my gift on Wednesday along with FQ for March April FIUP.

Here are the rest of my goals.

3. Sew binding on customer quilt.

4. Sew binding on rest of customer quilt

5 Sew at least one tulip on applique wall hanging

6  Quilt first border on customer baby quilt

Count me in - sounds like a good way to get myself motivated for the March-April FIU Challenge.

1 - sew UMW blocks together rows 1 & 2

2 - sew UMW blocks together rows 3 & 4

3 - sew inner border on UMW quilt

4 - sew outer border on UMW quilt

5 - stitch 6 blocks for second doll quilt

6 - stitch 6 blocks for second doll quilt

7 - sew borders on second doll quilt

8 - quilt second doll quilt

Now, if I can finish these projects on time, I should be well on my way to finishing my FIU Challenge!  

My Stitching Bee Goals

Sunday:  Choose Fabrics/Patterns for BDay Blocks

Monday:  Choose Fabrics/Patterns for BOMs

Tuesday:  Work on UFO 30 minutes

Wednesday:  Work on UFO 30 Minutes

Thursday:  Sew binding to back of UFO

Friday:  Print photos for customer's memory quilt

Saturday:  Take machine out of box and read manual

Sunday:  Post de-stash photos to FB groups


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