This Challenge is set out to help you bust some of that stash. To help you become aware of many things of yourself.  Follow your purchasing habits.  See how much it actually takes to make that quilt.

Consider joining the group, if you want to reduce the amount of fabric that is on your shelves, in your bins and in your favorite hiding places, come and join in the fun.

As a group, our goal is to get the size of our stash "UNDER CONTROL".  

I know that I will purchase fabric this year. Being a Stashbuster makes me much more conscious before I add to what I already have. Do I really NEED it? Having to publicly declare a purchase makes me think about it... well for a few seconds, anyway! I am getting better. Little steps, right? 

1.   There is NO NEED to count the yardage in your stash!!! (it would be way too scary, anyway!)

2.    You can sell, donate, or give away yardage to count toward your total.

3.   You are allowed to purchase new fabric. Just report that as yardage 'IN'!!! 

4.   Though it is not necessary to report in every week (you can, though!), regular reporting is encouraged.

5.   We are always glad to see pictures!

The routine will be that I post the previous week's reporting early Monday morning in a chart. Participants respond to that post with their yardage IN and yardage OUT for the previous week. That information then gets posted in the following week's chart. You don't have to respond every week, but please respond regularly, even if just to report that there has been nothing IN or OUT.  Responding helps to keep you on track for being accountable to yourself. 

The date to start your count of Yardage IN and Yardage OUT is January 1, 2016.  

Some people count fabric as busted when the fabric is off the shelf and cut, others count once the top is together, and, I would guess, that others prefer to count once the top is quilted. Whatever works for you!  Be consistent for yourself.   

I hope that you have thought about your goal for this year. Realistically, how many yards of fabric do you think you can use up, sell, donate or give away??

 This week, all you need to do is say “I’m in” and state your goal for the year. Your responses will show up in a chart, next week, January 3. Participants will indicate their yardage IN and yardage OUT for that week under that post. The chart is always a week behind.

 Membership is open to ALL.  Come and join in the fun.  Even if you don't get in at the beginning, let me know you want to play along and I will be glad to add you into the fold.


Respond and indicate your goal, in yards, following this post.

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My goal starting January 1, 2016 is 25 yards

For the first week of January 0 in and 0 out.

Wish me luck!! lol Perhaps I can get more organized this year.

I'm in for this year! And planning to do better than last year.  I am starting with a goal of 25 yards, but hope to surpass it greatly!  Thanks Beth for doing this again! :)

I am in again for this year, Beth! I am sticking with 25 yds. Hopefully, I do as well this year as last.

Beth this sounds like the perfect group for me!!! I think I will put 25 yards.  Thanks for doing it!

Stashbuster 2016 APQS Goal Week In Week Out Yards in YTD Yards Out YTD Actual Busted
Barbara 25          
Rhonda 25          
Ginny 25          
Karen 25          
Beth 100          
Totals 200 0 0 0 0


And our list for this year on stash busting.  We have a grand total of 200 to be busted people, I think we can do that.

You forgot me. 30 yds

This week was a bust for me, but next week I will have something to share. Am finally working on a long put off project. 

0 in 0 out.  But will be a busy bee when I get back Friday.

As if I needed help with my fabric stash. LOL

Unless you are trying to bust some stash.

0in 1 1/2 yds out


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