This thread will be to help you bust some scraps.  It is always hard to calculate how much yardage you have in scraps.  We will not count scraps into yardage, but by completed quilts. At that time, you should be able to tell if you busted some scraps.  Personally I have lots of tubs, and I do mean the 50 gallon size tub full of scraps.  Let us all be zealous to complete as many scrap quilts as possible! 

I am breaking this into steps:

1.  Decide on a pattern to make.  Anything you want to make.  Go to the Scrappy Quilts Thread and there are several listed there.  Bonnie Hunter's website has several, as well as just doing a Google search for scrap quilts.  I am sure if you are a quilter, you have a pattern or two for scrap quilts.  If you find a good pattern, please share. 

2.  Sort thru your scrap stash and pull your pieces, colors, etc.  You MUST use scraps.  The only allowance is to be able to swap with someone a piece of scrap.  If you need a few more browns, you may trade with someone.  A scrap size is no bigger than a 10” piece of fabric.  If you have a fat quarter, that is not a scrap. No, a layer cake is not a pile of scraps.

3.  Report on your progress each step of the way.  This will encourage all of us to get on the ball and join in the cause of busting some scraps.

4.  If you can, and only if you can, post photos of your progress.  If you can't post, don't fret please.  It is just for us visual people. 

5.  Celebrate at the end of a completed quilt or project. 

6.  There is no actual start date so you may join in during the year. 

7.  No, you may not count a scrap quilt top that is all done and just needs quilting.  I could fill this up real quick.  The point is to start at the beginning and use up your scraps on hand.

8.  You may use, only from your stash, up to 3 yards of a base fabric for your scrap quilt/project. 

9.  If you only use scrap fabric for your quilt, you get an extra bonus entry for the prize.

10.  Orphan blocks may be used with your scrap quilt/project. 

Your quilt(s) will need to be completed this year to qualify for a prize, unless yu have done the 365 Challenge, then it counts when done.  Yes, there is a prize in the end. (Will be disclosed later) No, not more scraps. LOL.  Quilters who have completed a scrap quilt this year, will have their name put in a drawing, and at end of year, will pull out of the hat and announce.  Yes, you may do more than one, ten if you so desire.  The quilt may be any size.  Miniatures take time, baby quilts need detail, a king is awesome. 

Additional Ideas:

  • Pick a block size and go with it in sampler fashion - 9", 10", 12" blocks
  • Pick a color way
  • Pick a theme - stars, flowers, geometrics, etc.
  • Have fun with a crazy patch, bits and pieces.

Riana (11); Beth (8); Ethelda (5); Carla (2); Gayle (4); Ginny (7)

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Here's my completed i spy...used up squares and many of my scrap strips of can' t tell , but l had to piece several to get them the right size.I have one in progress using muted colors and even more strips .

Love brights and you did so well with them.  Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done, Riana

This is adorable, Riana! Such a happy, bright quilt! 

This is currently on my flannel wall..... was so excited to see your new challenge. As you can see from the pics I rummaged thru my bags of scraps. This is a paper pieced project. I used grey to frame the blocks so I'm not sure if the dashing will be scrappy enough for you.


The gradation of light to dark is really interesting, Cherie! I like it! 

My bin marked " strings" was finally full after 3 yr. My rule for a piece to go in that bin was "nothing wider than 2"... anything wider went into strips bin, which l use often. Now l' ve sorted these strings by colour...there' s a quilt in there somewhere...think l' ll find it? Lol!

Oh, Riana! I can sooo relate to this scene! I know you'll find at least one quilt in there! 

Have fun.

Here is the finish...used navy as neutral. Backing is an old- style calico navy " granny " print l've had for ages...glad to finally find a use for it. 

I still have some strings left,maybe l'll get a small log cabin or variation out of it.

I have a finish in the Scrap Buster Challenge now, having finished my first WOTB quilt. 

Got it.


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