Paint Chip Challenge-April 2012 ***RULES CHANGE*** & SIGN-UP NOW CLOSED



I don’t know about you, but I love color.  Lots and lots of bright and riotous color.  This challenge is going to be a little different. 


It is called the Paint Chip Challenge because you will be creating something from the colors on your assigned paint chip cards.  The item you create can be anything and made with any medium.  You could paint, knit, crochet, quilt, build, bead, whatever your imagination can come up with.  There is only one rule... See Rules Change below.  ...In your creation you MUST use ALL the colors on your assigned paint chip(s).  It may be monochromatic or it may be wild. Sound intriguing?

***Change:  You may use any combination of your assigned colors plus ONE neutral.  The neutral can only be from the black, brown or white color families.***


Here are the specifics:

1)       Sign up by March 25, 2012.  If you miss the sign-up deadline, you can still participate.  You just won’t be eligible for a prize at the end of the challenge.

2)      Send me your address either via a private message on this board or to  Be sure to put “Paint Chip Challenge”  in the subject line.

3)      Once everyone has signed up, I will go to the hardware store and choose the appropriate number of paint cards and assign two to each participant.

4)      I will mail your paint card(s) to you by April 1. 2012

5)      Begin creating.

6)      Post a photo of your creation and the paint chip (so we can see how well you matched your colors) by April 25, 2012

***CHANGE:  Deadline extended to May 20, 2012.  I realized 3 weeks just wasn't going to be enough time for some.  In order to be eligible for the voting, your photo MUST contain the paint chips AND be posted by midnight, May 20, 2012. ****

7)      We will have a secret ballot vote to choose the winner. 

 NOTE:  I will post the voting procedures once it gets closer to the deadline and after I work out the logistics.  :D

As always, if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Carol Olson

Suzanne Montgomery

Frances Solly

Terri Jones

Garnie Bethea

Lana Laqua

Dot Kirchmann

Janet Wilcox

Mary Moore

Helen Porter

Barb Burkum

Toni Loop

Barb Setterdahl

Rebecca Tellez

Christine Groendyk

Melanie Keith

Erica Reyes

Deborah Hall

Joyce Revell

Kathryn Bates

Donna Abrams

Mary Aldrich

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Dot - I think this is the cutest project yet -- and a very good match in color, too!  In my area, the birds that go for gourd houses are - wait for it -- purple martins!  They don't like martin houses, which we found out after we'd put one up.  Fortunately, the swallows do like it, and we have a couple of nesting pairs this year.  

Thanks, Kathryn

If I vary the size of the hole, I get different birds nesting in the gourds. The wrens have the smallest hole, then the blue birds and swallows, and even bigger for various sparrows. They are all so much fun to watch. I've never seen a purple martin in our area nor tried to attract them. I've read that they can be lots of fun, too.

what a great project!! The wrens will love there colorful new home.

how awesome, your gourd is great.

Do I email my finished project in the reply or to a special email address??

Thanks, Janet

Just upload a pic of your project and the paint chips in a comment on this discussion.  After you have uploaded it, look for the box that says "pixels".  Change that number to about 300 so your pic won't be huge.  Then post it.

Thank you Suzanne.  This has been a double challenge, but I feel I have effectively met it.  I have used crochet, fabric, beads, a chenille wire, feathers, and lace.  The sunset is what I was going for. I am truly looking for a cottage (preferably by water - which is not depicted) because I want a pups, a garden and palm trees (FYI: they do have palm trees in so. Scotland albeit colder than So. FL). Thanks so much for this terrific idea.  It has been fun and challenging.  I utilized (supplies) and pictured (my future) what I am most drawn to.


Janet, very creative.  Love the crochet houses.


How clever and pretty!! Nice work.

Very cute. Love all the bits you used.

I hope this is the correct place this is my paint chip challenge I made a pillow using the three yellow and a brown neutral with brown beading. Thanks Helen M Porter

Shouldn't the green be in it too???  Maybe I didn't understand how this works.


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