FIUP stands for Finish It Up.  Turn those UFOs into FFOs.

Take a look at the FIUP Guidelines in this group's pages then come back to this discussion and post your goals. The Guidelines can be found on this group's home page in the box labelled "Pages" directly under the box containing the member avatars.

The more participants we have, the bigger and better the FQ stash to be awarded to one lucky winner at the end of the challenge.  Invite your My Quilt Place friends in other groups to join.  Invite your Facebook friends to join.  Oh what the heck, even invite that really cute guy from the coffee shop.  You never know, he may be a man-quilter.

If I have not received your FQ by the deadline, you will not be eligible for the prize drawing.

1) Sign-up begins March 1, 2012 and ends March 15, 2012. 

2) As soon as you sign up and post your goals, you may begin.

3) During the challenge, post your progress, photos of your projects, encouragment to other participants, or just pop in to say hello.

4) By 6:00pm on Monday, April 30, 2012, post the total number of goals you completed for this challenge.  It is difficult for me to keep up with the completed goals so this is on the honor system.

5) Mail your FQ and postage to me by March 30, 2012


Remember, set realistic goals so as not to get discouraged.  You can even break a project down into individual steps and use these as your goals.  The idea is to FINISH something.


Donna Abrams - FQ rec'd

Dot Kirchmann - FQ rec'd

Barb Burkum - FQ rec'd


Connie McDonald - Official Cheerleader

Nancy Gardner - FQ rec'd

Suzanne Montgomery - FQ rec'd

Melanie Keith - FQ rec'd FQ WINNER

Rebecca Tellez - FQ rec'd

Terri Jones - FQ rec'd

Evelyn Boundy - FQ rec'd

Cathy Stoffel-Koehm - FQ rec'd

Toni Loop - FQ rec'd

Laura Little - FQ - rec'd

Mary Moore - FQ rec'd

Carol Olson - FQ rec'd

Paula Sizemore

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I love the scrappiness (is that a word?) of both quilts. Very nice.

Grandbaby Lola with her Easter Basket


That is so cute!!!

Finished my last two goals; the crocheted motifs and putting the crazy quilt blocks together with some sort of border.  Will not do a picture until the next set of goals, as the motifs need to be sewn on and all the seams embellished (and frankly, I am a symmetrical person and being crazy is very wearing). 

I think we have lots of folk doing really well in finishing lots of stuff.  I may do some spring cleaning to finish the month. Yuck! 

I was only able to finish up two goals this time around.  Life got in the way.  I posted pictures of them back in March. 

This was a great challenge small projects but I got them done thanks for the push It is so nice to feel like you actually accomplished something. Now the house needs tlc

I can't remember which pictures I posted before, so here are some of the projects I completed for the March/April FUIP. I think I have to do it in two postings as it is limiting me to 3 attachments.



So here are the last 2 projects. Six completed in all.


It has been too long since I participated in recording what I have been up to for March and April. I will try to be better in May. I actually finished 3 of my goals. I finished my spider web quilt, but have not quilted it yet. I finished and quilted my embroidery quilt and I completed the picnic table cloth goal. I got side tracked and made another spider web quilt, so I will quillt two for May June. and promise to be better at joining in the sharing on an ongoing basis.

I see others as attachments and links, I think I need to review how this is suppose to be shown. Sorry for the big pictures. I had a picture of my niece and the picnic blanket and I have no idea what happened. Anyway 3 gold for this session. Will set goals for May/June tomorrow. 

The countdown begins....2 hours and 51 minutes till the end of this challenge.

Rebecca, Cathy and Toni, I don't see where you ladies have said how many goals you have completed.  Please let me know so I can add your names to the drawing for the FQ Bundle.

I will draw names tomorrow sometime and post the winners tomorrow evening.  Good job everyone and good luck.


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