Somewhere I saw a mention of a place to sell fabric and supplies as an alternative to craig's list and ebay. Now I can't find where I saw that. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Try Pinterest or Etsy

Thanks, I may do that. What I saw was like a newsletter ... wish I hadn't gone by it so fast!

Maybe this is the article you saw:

The places to sell or donate are toward the end.

That's it!! Thank you SO MUCH! --Carol

Hi Carol!  What a nice surprise to see your name!  What are you selling, anything good?

You can also post in the "Marketplace" forum on .

Hi Jan!! I'm letting go (sob) of my doll-making stuff(books, mags, patterns, hardware, etc.); my back, fingers, thumbs and wrists have all spoken on the doll-making topic some time ago, and finally I am "ready" to use the space for something I still have a hope of doing. And a Flynn quilt-frame kit. Thanks for the ref. Any advice for selling online?

No..the only things I've sold online are thru ebay.  It's not hard to do.  Will be in touch soon!


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