Anyone have a Tin Lizzie that can share their experience with me?

Is anyone having issues with theirs?

I need to know if it is a wise investment for myself as I quilt my own quilts and need the throat space to make it easier for myself to quilt.

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can I say i'm just jealous? don't own one or have the room for one. but wow, how nice would that be? I bet there are review pages for it.

Carla I broke down and bought that Tin Lizzie! Wow 18" I am just going to have a field old day with this. I will need to practice it is a powerful machine. Loving it!

i'm glad you did! you will love it i'm sure.

I got the sit down version. I don't have room for a frame but later on if I decide to get a frame I can still do it, but the table is plenty big enough. I have it in the garage for now but would like to get it in my sewing area. Not sure I have enough room. It was a great deal. I got her down 1500 from her original price.

Good Morning Lisa,

I have the Mega Quilter (same machine as Tin Lizzie).  LOVE my machine!  There are issues here and there and I've solved them as I learned.  All tension issues.  The key is to get your bobbin tension correct and then you are good to go setting needle thread tension.  I also found that the faster you go, the more likely you will have issues if you are freehand quilting.  The computer generated quilting never has issues.  I've had mine for going on 3 years.  It's been the best thing I have ever purchased for myself.  I've finished every quilt I've ever pieced and done dozens of charity quilts that may not have ever made it to the receiver if I hadn't had the long arm.  You will love it!  Write and ask anything if you have questions.  Happy to help.  Carol

I fixed the tension at the store before I bought it. The sales person couldn t even get it right. The fly wheel cover was not on right either. It is mechanical n that is what I have been looking for just waiting for a good price.  Thanks for the comments. 

I am shopping, too.  It is so tough to know which machine will do the best job.  I've test driven nearly everything, but I just don't know.

Hello Jennifer,

I have one tip that may be a life saver in the event of an issue.  If there isn't a local repair person familiar with the machine you may be disappointed and feel completely alone.  We do have a repair person locally, however she isn't familiar with using the machine and doesn't know all the quirks and often times the silliest solutions.  So mechanics and repair isn't enough.  Try to find a machine and a store with staff familiar with using one on a regular basis so that when issues arise you really do have an "expert" to turn to.  I became an "expert" simply because there wasn't anyone around to help me solve issues.  Common sense is key, but when it comes to the computer issues, I'm not savvy, so at a loss.  There are nuances to every machine and it is so helpful to have others who have more experience than you, as a beginner. 

Believe it or not I found that humidity was an issue with my belts causing the belts to tighten or worse, loosen.  Who would think that would be something.  I solved it by hanging a child's hanger on one end.  When it gets really warm and humid, I add one to the other end.  Crazy!  But it works beautifully when I need the added ounce of weight and pull.  Again...Crazy!

So either find another long arm quilter locally and make a new friend or be sure the store staff is knowledgeable.  Just extra insurance, so to speak.  Happy to answer any questions, Carol

Carol  I've been using YLI  iinvisible n its just like butter no nests. I did try Superior embroidery by Hollis its polyester n it nests a bunch. I ordered Metlers silk finish from Hancocks of Paducah n its not here yet. My janome loves superior so will see. 

What threads have you used?


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