by beth & jeffrey gutcheon. this book and another by another fabulous quilting duo of that era, gwen marsten & jo cunningham, were the sources of my inspiration & learning the craft of quilting. through these two books by these great teachers, i learned how to sandwich a quilt on the floor, on the bed or on a frame; i learned to baste a quilt on a frame; design & draft my own quilt patterns; how to draw a quilt pattern on my quilt top and then hand quilt it; how to finish off by using ready made binding or how to make my own & the different ways to bind a quilt. this was long before the great ladies of quilting came out in print - barbara brackman, eleanor burns and before the fabulous quilt as you go books introduced me to even more options for my increasingly all encompassing new needlework fascination. and this is about the time i started to set aside my cross stitch, redwork, needle point, crewel, knitting & crochet. i had already dropped the macrame to a great extent because of fascination w aran style & intarsia knitting. but, quilting offered everything the others did in one single fascinatingly creative past-time.

i have been reading my latest issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine this morning. i particularly enjoy the first few pages of each issue detailing upcoming events in the quilty universe, and other little news bites. the current issue also, in this my favorite area, has a small biographical sketch of the career of jeffrey gutcheon. this special quilter, fabric designer, author & columnist from my personal quilty beginnings passed away this past june.

as i read all the things he did, his architectural proffession, music career, writing ...all of it..i couldn't help but begin this long look at his involvement with my own quilting beginnings. and to reflect on how many more of us now, still active in our quilty doings, were influenced by the great teachers like jeffrey, joe, michael, beth, mary etc etc etc, and what a tremendous debt our quilt universe owes to them.

thank you jeffrey...

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Amazing how some people have great talent in so many venues. Nice tribute, Rogue.

thank you. it is a great book. qnm says it is still available from penguin press, i believe. i didn't remember whether or not the architect experience was mentioned or not, but the book is where i got the idea that i could design my own quilts.


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