Like many of you, I still have far too much fabric in my stash, and, though I didn’t achieve my stashbusting goals for 2016, I really did try. I’m game to continue the journey, and hope that you will join me.


Consider joining the group, whether you’ve been a Stashbuster in the past, or not... whether you reached your goal, or not... if you are serious about reducing the amount of fabric that is on your shelves, in your bins and in your favourite hiding places.


As a group, our goal is to get the size of our stash UNDER CONTROL. 

I know that I will purchase fabric this year. Being a Stashbuster makes me much more conscious before I add to what I already have. Do I really NEED it? Having to publicly declare a purchase makes me think about it... well for a few seconds, anyway! I am getting better. Little steps, right?

     1.   There is NO NEED to count the yardage in your stash!!! (it would be way too scary, anyway!)

2.    You can sell, donate, or give away yardage to count toward your total.

3.   You are allowed to purchase new fabric. Just report that as yardage 'IN'!!!  He%20He.gif

4.   Though it is not necessary to report in every week (you can, though!), regular reporting is encouraged.

5.   We are always glad to see pictures!

The routine has been that I post the previous week's reporting early Monday morning in a chart. Participants respond to that post with their yardage IN and yardage OUT for the previous week. That information then gets posted in the following week's chart. You don't have to respond every week, but please respond regularly, even if just to report that there has been nothing IN or OUT.

The date to start your count of Yardage IN and Yardage OUT is January 1, 2017, or anytime you want to join in the fun

Some people count fabric as busted when the fabric is off the shelf and cut, others count once the top is together, and, I would guess, that others prefer to count once the top is quilted. Whatever works for you!

I hope that you have thought about your goal for this year. Realistically, how many yards of fabric do you think you can use up, sell, donate or give away??

This week, all you need to do is say “I’m in” and state your goal for the year. Your responses will show up in a chart. Participants will indicate their yardage IN and yardage OUT for that week under that post. The chart is always a week (or two) behind.

Membership is open to ALL.  Join in at any time you like.

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I have my scraps in laundry baskets by color. But they are all overflowing and need purging. Some of the fabric I never use. Cheap stuff! These baskets need a good purging. I will try hitting one basket at a time.

Try googling scrap vortex . It's a great quilt pattern I use for scraps. Basically you sew together 2pieces the same size, you can do it as leaders and Enders or just have a scrap busting session. Iron then sew 2 of the two patches together. What I like is that as long as one side matches it doesn't matter about the other ones so you end up with like crazy patchwork. I make a lot for charity quilts and kids love them , well everybody does, they're like eye specquilts but more interesting because of the odd shapes. I'll try and add a photo.
I just found the link, it's by crazy mumma quilts
this looks exactly like the quilts my hubby brought back from job in east virginia. got them from auctions @ about 5$ each. the batt was anything the maker had around ..some even just had old lace curtains. one was 'fought' over by the three of us for years ..there was a magnificent embroidered dragon in middle, looked to have been from an old jacket. in fact almost all the fabrics in these tied quilts were from used clothing. some had just been sewed together with minimal cutting or trimming and the sleeves, yokes etc were still evident. they were as bright and colorful as the quilt illustrated in this link, we loved them! thank you joy!!

Thank you, Joy, for sharing. I like it!

Bummer, I fell off the wagon already.  Well, kinda, I had to get some red for my table runners to finish them.

How do we add scraps in. I've made some pj shorts for DD25 and DS and I get the scraps, they're quilt grade an super heroes or Star Wars prints so perfect for charity quilts

Joy, one of my favorites is so simple for something like this. Block 'A' is a fussy cut from a novelty print, Block 'B' is a simple 4 patch or 9 patch made to the same size as fussy cut block. ( you can use scraps for block 'B', or combine scraps & a co-ordinate to unify). Then just alternate them in your quilt. Add a border if you want to.i use a 4 patch for the ones with small fussy cuts, and a 9 patch for those with a larger size.

Jungle Print

The Pt. Aransas quilt for Project LinusHere's one with the 4 patch.

Good ideas Riana.


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