It would be great to see quilting spaces to get some ideas on organization.
Post up some ideas or pictures of your own.

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Jackee, there is a "Longarm quiters" group on My Quilt Place with a lot of knowledge. Go check back a few pages therè & see. l remember reading about similar probs. w/batik. 

l agree w/Ruth...try different needle larger, smaller...see what works. It's probably too late to change threads?? that would be an option if you can match the colour in a polyester ( stronger) thread...not too thick, though.

I'll definitely look for that Longarmer's group.  I'd like the input.  Thanks,

Here's one photo of my sewing and stamping room.

Such a lovely space!  I love the wall color!  And I see you have lots of books!!!

I had many more books, there was no extra space. I gave away a ton of patterns, books and 7 large plastic tubs of fabric. I did the same with all my rubber stamping supplies. For some reason having less "stuff" freed me up to start being creative again.

I hope this is the correct forum. I have inherited a Jamone 6500 and sewing table from my mother. I can't for the life of me figure out how the machine goes on the table. The table is flat, but has a piece that comes up (photo). My Mom is gone now, so I can't ask her. 

Please help!




Susan, l only just found this post...the Janome 6500 is a flatbed machine, which is why it's great for quilting. But there's no way that it fits that particular table. That table has an openning designed for a machine with a sleeve arm, Maybe it's from an older machine your mom had.

I use a chest of drawers to hold all my fat quarters. They fit nicely and I can see all the colors at a glance. It's also a great way to store all your stabilizers or patterns. Love it.


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