How far would you go for a fabric?! In my quest to open a quilt shop I have discovered an amazing farmhouse newly updated, but its about 20 miles outside of the small farming town, that is about 20 miles outside of the central Town. (the rural portion of the suburb- so-to-speak).

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Emilie, I'm the type that would drive all over to find fabric, and a rural setting provides the owner with untold beautiful surroundings and super ways to attract attention from the outside.  Do you have any room to set up retreats?  Many of us love retreats and meeting new quilter faces from all over.  IF I owned such a place in the country I would make the most of the surroundings and have a blast.  Maybe a questions to ask of Quilters in and around that area....It would be a huge undertaking and investment, but if I could and had the financial where with all I would try it, I'd even be my own security system cause I'd spend my nights there, fondling and quilting with fabrics...... 

Please let us know what you ultimately decide to do so that we might spread the know get people knocking at that pretty red door (?)  LOL

Me too Mitts! My mother and I drove to a town about 45 minutes away. The drive was exciting, and as we got closer and closer I could only imagine what the little store held! Maybe it was a homespun shop like so many we see. But maybe it has a unique artist, or kit favors one of our favorite fabric line!? That was a wonderful drive that sparked my excitement. When we got there we discovered store had closed two weeks prior. The husband had passed away so she closed up her shop. My mother and I were heart broken! So we turned around and drove another 40 min out to the other one. It was not what we had hoped our trip would be. Nut as I said, it was enough to spark an idea...

great thoughts mitts! the clsest lqs to me, that is nearly thirty miles, and the best selection of all styles of fabric, name brands, top quality. also is next to a victorian house bed & breakfast owned by qs couple. they have renovated it. updated kitchen, bedroom etc is two story beauty of victorian home w huge old trees, sitting on bank of yakima river, large deck area to sit amd quilt or watch the hot air balloons do thier touch down and lift off of the river diring hot air balloon show in september. it is probably one of the best attended bed & breakfast places in this entire valley. fabulous setting, beautiful scenic views & the best fabric selection of any shop in this entire region.

Thank you ALL so much for your feed back!! It was encouraging and quite insightful!! I will keep you posted on our progress but am happy to announce our goal is to open it March of 2014!! We are beginning to scout out our Fabric wholesalers now!! FUN!!!

Emilie, some other questions for you and your partner to consider are:

Is the lady whose husband passed closing her business for good?  If the answer is yes, can you afford to purchase a lot of her stock. etc.?  Just a thought.

I just moved from CA to IN and I have noticed there are few quilt stores in town. I have noticed that these stores are good but they could do better. Just wondering what the thoughts are in today's economy and interest. I have just started back again dreaming because I got caught in a financial mess and finally got over it but now I want to take it conservatively this time. Also, I am looking for teachers who would like to travel and teach because I want to put a travel part in my store. Any thoughts? any teachers?

Living in ND means travel for everything and nothing deters us from what we want or need. 50 miles is the norm! When I lived in WA, I visited a shop outside of Rearden, WA, called The Buggy Barn, which was on an old farmstead, 30+ miles outside of Spokane. They carry not only a lot of great, quality fabric, but also have developed their own pattern line and hold a WONDERFUL outdoor quilt show annually. It is a great shop and an example of how to make a unusual location work. I say, Go For It!  

and they have a wonderful quilt show every year. another quilter here where i live makes the trip w her hubby every couple years. but i haven't yet. three + hour drive one way for me. 40 - 50 mi here too, norm for anything lol...but i wouldn't give up my rrural living for all the shopping convenience in the world. not even for quilt fabric & notions :))

I would like to make a request of the ones replying to this post and please put a general area so that some of us that may be new to areas or thinking of moving might be a little more at ease that there will be fabric at the end of the trip. Thanks !!

I have to agree with Carla, " Build it and they will come "  I drive 30 plus miles to go to the few fabric shops here in SE Texas,  20 miles isn't far at all


My "local" quilt shop just closed and I had to (happily) drive about 20 miles.  No sweat, they had a fabulous selection of fabrics.  I did try to stock up while they were liquidating their stock.  BUT just recently while I was visiting a friend in NC I purposely made a trip to Raleigh to visit a quilt shop. That was a 2 hr journey.  On my way home I stopped to visit with my brother and planned a trip through Asheville and visited another quilt shop.  So it just goes to show what lengths we will go for fabric.  (P.S.  I also looked at a map for Paducah, Ky.  That might be a next year trip!)


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