hi all. playing on pc...doing nothing constructive, useful or anything else that may be construed as needed...sun is shining [a whooohooo!!!! thing for sure] warm...low 40's in shade..and i am tired - been sewing etc nonstop for few days...and am tired and bored...ergo>>>>>what do i do??? ...why...i play on the net of course!

so...looking for quilting chat sites...a nice way to meet new people of similar interests..no dues, registration etc...just pop in and visit for a bit. but...found this page and it is a doozy.

check it out...another site with links and information sources etc ...fantastic find.


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at bottom of page for above link...click on  "Back to Quilt & Site Choices"   ...for instance, the link for computers leads to quilt software sites, microsoft, & an interesting little goodie..."My Quilting Math Buddy -- User friendly application for making quilt related calculations with "little to no learning curve". 

all in all a very cool resource for question askers...answer seekers ....hope you enjoy this wonderful new [to me] toy.

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Hi Rogue Quilter. I love that you are doing nothing constructive, etc. as there are times I find out the best stuff when I'm not doing anything but looking for things to do on the computer. That's how I found this site. I'd love to find a website for quilters where we could chat. I only tried it once and it was too weird for an older, newly single woman. I'd like to chat but about what I'm doing. Thanks for the info. 



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